10 Best Water Purifiers in India for 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A water purifier is very useful to combat pollution in daily life. Water is polluted with harmful contaminants and microorganisms that lead to several health issues. You can easily deter yourself from various waterborne diseases if you use a water purifier. The market has some amazing collections but it may confuse you. Let us take a quick look at the top 10 water purifiers in India for 2022. These models are customer recommendations and the best-selling ones in the market.

Top 10 water purifiers in India

  1. LG WW121EP 8L RO Water Purifier
  2. LG NiRO WW140NP 8 L RO Water Purifier
  3. LG WHD71RB4RP RO 7.3L Water Purifier
  4. LG WAW33RW2RP 8L RO Water Purifier
  5. LG WW121EP 8L RO Water Purifier
  6. LG NiRO WW140NP 8 L RO Water Purifier
  7. LG WHD71RB4RP RO 7.3L Water Purifier
  8. LG WAW33RW2RP 8L RO Water Purifier
  9. LG WW130NP 8 L RO With Dual-Protection Water Purifier
  10. LG WW180EP 8Ltrs RO UV UF Water Purifier

Types of water purifiers in India

Reverse osmosis technology: One of the most popular types of water purification technologies in the market is reverse osmosis technology. This is one of the ideal water purification systems meant for hard contaminated drinking water. Hard-drinking water contains solid sediment and pollutants more in comparison to microorganisms and bacteria. In reverse osmosis water purifier, The semipermeable membrane filters out all the hard and solid sediments from drinking water. The water flows in a reverse manner through the membrane which separates it from all the solid pollutants and contaminants. Reverse osmosis is one of the most trusted water purification technologies in India. It offers safe drinking water and the cost with water purifier price online is very affordable.

Ultraviolet filtration: Ultraviolet filtration is meant for soft contaminated drinking water. this kind of water purification works well for contaminated water that contains bacteria and microorganisms. The ultraviolet rays kill and damage the living bacteria and microorganisms content in drinking water. Drinking contaminated water with bacteria and viruses leads to several water-bound diseases like typhoid and dysentery. The harmful rays work only on the microorganisms that are present in water. It is one of the most popular types of water purification that offers 100% safe drinking water instantly. You can easily buy an ultraviolet filtration water purifier from LG at an affordable price range.

Ultrafiltration: Ultrafiltration is a non-electric water purifier that is good for both hard and soft contaminated drinking water. It does not need electricity to purify water. You can easily get this on the market if you have issues with electricity and power. The ultrafiltration technology is a cure for hard drinking water that contains other sediment filters and activated carbon filters as well.

Water filters: Water filters are an affordable and good option to get safe drinking water while you’re traveling. Some of the good options of water filters are activated carbon filters, alkaline water purifiers, and sediment filters. It comes with a filter that filtrates sediment from water that is contaminated.

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How to buy the right water purifier?

  • Choose the right type of water purification technology based on the type of drinking water you consume. It is important to test the type of drinking water you consume so that you get the best water purification technology. If the drinking water is hard and contaminated with solid sediments and particles, you can easily go for reverse osmosis On the other hand, if the drinking water is contaminated with microorganisms and bacteria, you can go for ultraviolet water purification technology. The harmful ultraviolet rays kill the microorganisms and bacteria present in water.
  • Choose the best brand in the market to get the right water purifier for your home. There are various available options in the market in the range of water purifiers. If you go for a brand like LG, you will get a wide array of water purifier collections at the best competitive price. Also, the aftersales service from LG is prompt enough to deliver the best customer satisfaction. LG water purifiers are packed with amazing features and benefits at an affordable range of prices.
  • Go for the best features when you purchase a new water purifier for your home. The latest features will ensure that you have the best water purification done instantly. The latest models come with auto filters change option which ensures that you get notified whenever the water filter needs to be changed.
  • Consider the right budget to get the best water purifier for your home. Visit the LG website today to check out the wide range of collections at the best price. Water purifiers are generally affordable but if you are taking the latest water purifier with amazing features, it can be expensive.

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The top 10 water purifiers in India from LG are some of the best-selling ones packed with features and an amazing price range. The water purifier price online is much more affordable in comparison to the retail outlets

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