11 Types of Stickers to Start Your Sticker Business With

Stickers are a great marketing tool. Every business can use it to advertise its products and services. They do help. Consider the ‘I Voted’ stickers used during the election. These two words stick directly, creating awareness of the action that users are supposed to take. Similarly, there are different stickers used for various purposes – awareness, marketing, advertising, etc. 

To be specific, the sticker business has a lot of potential. People from different age groups – be it, kids or adults, like stickers. Adults like sticking stickers on their laptops, mobile phones, bags, and so on. While kids prefer stickers to stick everywhere. So, if you’re thinking about it, well, this is the right time. 

You can provide stickers for everything – bags, bottles, birthday wishes, business marketing, etc. However, that can be overwhelming when you’re just starting. Hence, decide what kind of stickers you’re willing to offer. You can also integrate a sticker design tool and let your customers create unique designs. 

In this article, I have listed 11 types of stickers you can consider. 

1. Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers are wall decals used to decorate rooms, and commercial offices, as a sign to market business, brand on a vehicle, etc. Most sticker-making businesses start with vinyl stickers as the material is durable and weatherproof. They are resistant to humidity and are affordable. 

The best thing about vinyl stickers is that they keep their stickiness for a longer time. You can cut them in any size.  

2. Die Cut Stickers

If the unique cut design is what fascinates you, you can go for die-cut stickers. They are popular among hobbyists. You can cut die-cut stickers from your design’s edge of vinyl and paperback layers in any custom shape. 

Die-cut stickers adhere to any smooth surface like refrigerators, laptops, phones, notebooks, etc. You can cut and offer them in any shape, size, or quantity. 

3. Kiss Cut Stickers

Kiss cut stickers have an additional layer of edges. It protects your designs and makes it easy to peel off the back paper. Kiss cut stickers are cut only through vinyl layers while the paper layer stays intact. You can provide custom kiss cut stickers to help businesses promote their brand. 

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4. Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are mostly used to convey a message to a large audience. They are made of natural vinyl and are generally designed to stick on a car bumper.

So if you have a great sense of humor, you can offer your customers bumper stickers with witty slogans, which they can post on their car’s bumper or other surfaces. 

5. Sheet Stickers

Sheet stickers are a fun way to add multiple designs to a single sheet. You can print them in ovals, circles, rounded corners, and other shapes on 18-inch kiss-cut sheets with semi-gloss or high gloss with UV coating. 

Sheets stickers make great labels for gifts, addresses, envelopes, and more. If you’re investing in web to print software, you should include sheet stickers in your list of offerings. 

6. Roll Stickers

Roll stickers are great for product packaging. You can also use them for business marketing, event promotions, shipping and mailing labels, product labels, envelope sealers, etc. 

Roll stickers, also known as roll labels, are perfect for office, warehouse, and retail stores. If you’re targeting businesses, having these types of stickers is a great way to stand out. 

7. Bottle Labels

You can target winemakers, homebrewers, juice, and others from the F&B industry by providing bottle labels. This can be used for wines, beer bottles, juices, olive oils, and other food. 

Bottle labels work as packaging labels for premium or gourmet products. They are temperature and moisture-resistant. 

8. Logo Stickers

You should definitely provide logo stickers. It widens your customer base as it offers every business to turn their logo into stickers, which they can give away to their customers and staff. 

Logo stickers make a lasting impression on the brand. They can be stuck over various things like cars, bags, bottles, mobile phone cases, laptops, etc. You can even cut the intricate parts of the design and give it a unique look. 

9. Minimalist Stickers

Aesthetics minimalist stickers are trending a lot. Businesses and individual artists are considering minimalist stickers for their logos, cards, prints, etc. Because they are simple yet powerful. They are perfect for laptops, phone cases, guitars, journals, and more. 

10. Planner Stickers

In this busy life, almost everyone – be it a developer, content creator, or teacher, is a planning enthusiast. We use stickers to decorate planners, schedules, and notes as it adds a tint of creativity and motivation to the schedule. 

Everyone needs these kinds of stickers and map memories and stickers that allow expressing emotions through colorful decals. Hence, this type of sticker would make a great fit. 

11. Custom Stickers

If you’re planning to target an audience from all age groups and professions, going for customized stickers is the best option. Instead of asking them about their design requirements and working on them, you can let them design their stickers themselves by integrating a sticker designer tool. 

They can design and share it on their social media platforms. It’s a win-win situation for both. 

Pro tip: Bring in a web to print software and expand your business reach. 

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