4 Best paraphrasing tools for quality essay writing

Essay writing is not like taking a cup of tea with hot cakes. It seems to be more difficult when it comes to writing unique essays.

Doesn’t matter whether you are writing essays for your educational purpose or working on a personal essay to get it published online. You should think out of the box and try not to copy other authors.

Many people just copy the successful people in their fields to get their essays ready. No doubt, it might not be easy for you to write an essay with 100% uniqueness.

But it is possible to do it even manually with a little focus on your task. If you don’t have enough time to do so or lack skills, you can use a specific tool.

Let us show you a comprehensive guide about such tools that can help you in writing essays on any topic. You will be able to get your essay ready to publish online with no plagiarism in it.

What is a paraphrasing tool?

A paraphrasing tool is a specific tool that can reword your given sentences. Such tools are designed with an AI-based algorithm and vast database with millions of words, synonyms, and related terms.

Whenever you will insert passages or sentences in its text insertion box, the tool will understand the core meanings first. After that, it will find the best fit for the original words and replace them.

As a result, your content’s core meanings will remain the same, as well as the text, will become 100% unique. Keep in mind, that a paraphrasing tool just rewrites your text and does not write your essay from scratch as some AI-based writing tools do.

So, you have to research the text first and then use this tool to get uniqueness in it. In this way, you will be able to paste the new or final text wherever you want without getting complaints of duplication.

Best paraphrasing tools for essay writing 

With the above discussion, you must have got an idea about what a paraphrasing tool can do. But it is still a complication to find the best paraphrasing tool when you have hundreds of choices on the internet.

So, we have made the selection process easier for you by enlisting some of the best tools. You can choose any of the following tools after reading the features that we are going to discuss here briefly.

Let’s have a look at the list of tools that we have found the best in our research.

1.     Paraphraser.io

One of the best paraphrasing tools is offered by Paraphraser.io. It is an AI-based rewriting tool with an extensive list of features that will help you in rewriting your essay.

With the help of its algorithm, you will get quality writing for your essays to be published anywhere. It will be pretty simple to use this tool with its user-friendly interface.

To understand its working, you only have to use this only for once. Here is the method that you have to follow to use this rewriting tool and get final but unique text in the end.

  • Insert the text by pasting it or uploading the file


  • Tap on the “Paraphrase Now” button


  • Copy the final text given just beside the text insertion box


How this tool is better than others?

Paraphraser.io has multiple features due to which we have ranked it on the top position of our list. This tool is not only offering paraphrasing in the English language but you can choose others too.

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It can rewrite your lines written in more than 10 languages. You only have to choose the concerned language by tapping on the box to open the dropdown menu.


Moreover, it will provide you with other additional tools too like summarizing tools, plagiarism checker, and grammar checker. In the paraphrased text box, you will be given buttons for these tools.


You only have to tap on any of them to open that tool and get the process started for your text. These are some features that we have not found in any of the other tools that we are going to show you below.


  • One tap working
  • Fast processing
  • AI-based algorithm
  • Multi-lingual working
  • Different tools access
  • Multiple modes


  • Allow 500 words of rewriting only in a single turn

2.     Rephrase.info

In the second position, we have ranked that can be used for all types of writings. With its three working modes, you can use this tool for essay writing, blog writing, and academic writing.

The only thing that you have to do is to choose the working mode carefully. It will help you in getting the expected results from your task.


The best feature of this tool is that you can use it without watching advertisement banners and registration. Yes, you can use it for free for basic use. But you need to buy any of its plans if you want to remove the ads and increase the word limit.

How This Tool Is Better Than Others?

The process to use this tool is pretty simple because of its user-friendly interface. You only have to choose the desired working mode by clicking on the name given in the top menu bar.


After that, you need to click on the language box and choose your language if your text is written in the other language than English. Once you have changed the settings, you only need to upload the file or paste the text in its text insertion box.

Rephrase.info In the end, you only have to click on the Paraphrase Now button that will dictate the tool to start working. Once the tool has been rewritten, it will display the text with highlighted terms or words that it has replaced.

You can check for grammar mistakes, plagiarism, or copy that text just by tapping on the given buttons. It will be pretty simple to use this tool and get a side-by-side preview for comparison.


  • Multiple working modes
  • One-tap working
  • No registration for free use
  • Multi-lingual feature
  • Side-by-side preview
  • Advanced buttons to process the paraphrased text


  • Limited word count

3.     Rewriteguru.com

When it comes to getting your essay written with quality text, it is better to take part manually in the process. This is where you will find this rewording tool better than the above tools.

The tool has been designed with a specific interface in which it will first rewrite the text. After that, it will also show you all the replaced words in different colored formats with suggested words.


So, you will be able to replace the words if you have found them inappropriate for your context. You can also paraphrase again if you have found the new text not worthy to use in a single turn.

How this tool is better than others?

This tool has some features that you will not find in any other tool online. For instance, it will allow you to choose from 7 working modes as per your work requirements. You can choose its three versions for free while you have to buy its subscription for the other 4 modes.


Also, it will enable you to choose the language from its list of 15 languages. It means you can reword your essay written in other languages too. Moreover, you can use this tool as many times as you want.

You only have to insert the text or upload the file for getting started. Last but not least, you can switch between two tabs named “Original Article” and “Rewritten Article”.


In this way, you will find it simple to focus on a single tab instead of diverting between side-by-side displays.


  • Fast processing
  • Accurate rewriting
  • Easy to understand interface
  • Allow multiple turns
  • No login/registration for free users


  • Can rewrite only 800 words in a turn
  • No built-in grammar checker
  • Higher price packages

4.     Rewritertools.com

If you want to get rid of the word count limit in rewriting your essays, you should try this tool. It has been designed for all those students or writers who want to reword hundreds of words daily.

There is no word count limit in a single turn as well as in a day. In simple words, you can insert thousands of words in a single turn or from time to time in a day to get them rewritten.

If you want to rewrite your essay having multiple pages, it would be a better choice.

How this tool is better than others?

In the above-mentioned and other tools, you must have seen a simple and same process of rewriting. It means you only have to insert the text and rewrite it with a single click.

But it might be possible that you are looking for step-by-step rewriting to improve your essay writing skills too. This tool has been designed with such a concept in it will work in 4 different steps.

First of all, you will be asked to insert the text and tap on the Start Paraphrasing button.


After that, you will be taken to a step in which you can replace the words with your desired words. You only have to tap on the word that the tool has colored in the final text box. It will show you suggested words from which you can choose the one.


In the last, you have to tap on the next button that will take you to the final step. From there, you can download, copy, or rephrase again by simply tapping on the button.


  • Manual paraphrasing involvement
  • No word count limit
  • Free for everyone
  • Step-by-step rewriting


  • Slow processing
  • Paraphrasing takes time


With the above discussion, you must have got an understanding of paraphrasing tools and their working. Now, it would be easy for you to choose the best tool for rewriting your essays with quality assurance.

We recommend you choose the very first tool from our list because it has an AI-based algorithm. In this way, there will be more chances of getting accurate writing to publish wherever you want.

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