5 Effective Tools To Add Google Review On Website

When people are looking for a new business or brand online, one of the first few things they look for is the reviews. With so many brands in the market for a single product or service, it is difficult for people to choose one. And checking reviews seems to be the only possible solution to select the best brand option.

Since the target audience is looking for reviews to test the authenticity of a brand, the role of customer reviews has become important in marketing. Marketers need to ensure that they leverage the best reviews. You can also get ahead of your competitors by adding Google reviews to your website.

Check out the best tools to embed Google reviews on your website

1. Taggbox Widget

First on the list is the Taggbox widget, and rightly so. Taggbox is an all-in-one package for all social media feed aggregation. You can fetch and present Google reviews in a single social wall very easily with the help of the Taggbox widget. The tool has some amazing customization features which will give you a free hand to make creative Google reviews wall for your website. Not only will Google reviews help you win the trust of your audience, but enhance your website design.

But that’s not all you get with Taggbox. It offers many more features like auto-sync, analytics, moderation, and UGC on-site uploads, which are must-haves for today’s marketers and brands. These limited edition features are exactly what you need to take your marketing at the forefront.

The auto-sync feature updates your website widget as soon as there is a new customer review on your Google business page. The analytics help you find out how your website audience is engaging with the Google Reviews widget. Moderation features give you complete control over which Google reviews you want to share on your website.

2. Elfsight

Second, on the list of the best tools is Elfsight. Its easy-to-use interface is what the users love most about this tool. It takes just one minute to get started with the tool and collect the Google reviews directly from your page.

Using Elfsight’s Google review widget, you can add a compelling Call to Action Button and attract visitors to share reviews, thus boosting your online reputation. With the Goggle ratings, you can leave a good impression on your visitors and show your brand’s trustworthiness.

Elfsight also offers multiple themes so you can customize your Google reviews widget the way you like. You can even filter out the poor reviews or select the best ones for your website.

3. Juicer

The third on the list we have is Juicer.io. Juicer is another social media aggregator tool that helps you sync and collects Google reviews for your website. It is a time-saver as you don’t have to manually embed every review from Google. Juicer works well with all website-building platforms. So no matter which website builder you are using, you can easily embed Google reviews on your website.

Juicer also gives a WordPress plugin that will help you quickly add Google reviews to your WordPress site. If you are using Juicer, you will get to use eight themes to design your widget.

4. Tagembed

The fourth option on the list for you is Tagembed. It is a suite of widget tools that allow social media aggregation and embeds on websites. You can use it to collect your Google reviews and embed them on your website. The tool’s most popular feature is its unlimited free trial account for users. Tagembed also offers cheap pricing plans for the abundant features it offers.

Tagembed’s website widget is very responsive, so you will have no difficulty loading the website. You also have the option to add custom CSS to modify the design of the widget to suit your website design.

5. ReviewsOnMyWebsite

Finally, on this list of tools, we have ‘Reviews on my Website.’ It is a dedicated tool for collecting reviews from popular review networks and embedding them into websites. The tool allows you to add and fetch reviews from 15 platforms, including Google reviews. The tool offers simple color and font edits, layouts to design the widget presentation.

You can highlight the best Google reviews on your website by using this tool. Another benefit of this tool is that you can send direct review requests to your customers. But a drawback of this tool is that you cannot collect content besides reviews.

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The best thing about using the Google reviews widet is that you can redirect your website visitors to your Google business page, and maybe they would love to drop a review for you if they are your regular customers or check out all the reviews.

If you aren’t using Google reviews on your website, it’s time you add them to win your target audience’s trust. Select the best tool and get started today.

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