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Embrace the Future with an AI Consultant in 2022

Technological advancement has led to the revolution of many business landscapes, automating their work process and services to better the customers. The 21st century, often known as the age of technological advancements, has integrated next-age technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain into business models. The introduction of AI into business has evolved how we operate. However, the complex development and implementation led to the emergence of AI consultant companies, helping companies align their goals with robust AI technologies. From small tools to big machines, AI has taken over most manual work processes.

Before artificial intelligence was known to anyone, people and business dreamt about robots. The robots were supposed to make the work of humans easier by doing all the home and office chores. But with the advancements in technology, people and businesses started thinking out of the box to lessen manual work. Thus, this led to the exploration and experimentation of AI strategies in different industries. From chatbots to Siri, the world has evolved into a better place, providing better solutions to users in less time. Moreover, it has enhanced user experience with increased efficiency and transparency throughout the business operations. But the question remains what is artificial intelligence, and why are consultants needed?

Who is an AI Consultant?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a next-age solution for businesses to decrease their development time and provide quality products or services. AI itself uses machines or robots controlled by computers to complete tasks. Intelligent machines perform various tasks using human intelligence. The AI consultants help businesses recognize the weak areas and build advanced solutions to create a competitive advantage. They explain artificial intelligence functions, use cases, and types to understand the strategy better. Though AI might be new to few, it has made award-winning development in various fields. It has revolutionized the workforce, security, data management, collaboration, etc. Email spam filters, Netflix recommendations, self-driving cars, Robo-advisors, and Alexa, are a few examples of artificial intelligence.

6 AI Use Cases

1. Personal Assistants

The AI-powered personal assistants perform basic tasks, but with more development, they are becoming more intelligent in performing daily activities. Take the example of Google Homes, Amazon Echo, etc., which have made the process faster. Amazon launched the smart microwave that gets powered by the AI device Alexa. Though many argue it will invade their privacy, an AI consultant helps understand the entire process to make wise decisions. The personal assistants guide the user through the process, making it easier to understand and learn faster.

2. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has reshaped businesses marketing strategies with AI strategies incorporating artificial intelligence. The AI helps in generating engaging content through written, audio, or video form with artificial intelligence tools. Moreover, AI in digital marketing optimizes resource usage and saves time. The technology goes further and helps predict customer behavior with the previous data available. It might help make wise decisions to avoid failure. Furthermore, businesses can improve their security and prevent fraud by tracking and monitoring malicious activities. Lastly, AI in digital marketing increases user interactions.

3. Email Marketing

Artificial intelligence requires data to work effectively. The data helps process information efficiently and predict outcomes. But in email marketing, the data allows companies to research the most searched keywords, the message length, user engagement, message characteristics, etc. Further, this provides an insight into the business work processes and chances of success. Boomerang Respondable, an AI tool, analyzes emails written and sent through Gmail. Moreover, it recommends ways to improve the written messages.

4. Customer Support

Customer care is an integral part of every company providing its services 24/7 to serve the audience better. The advancements have led to many companies springing up with unique ideas of products and servicing, with a growing online demand for them. Hence, this has led to the development of chatbots. The chatbot is a kind of AI consultant automated to serve online without human intervention. Though the current chatbots work with a rule-based approach in the near future, they will be voice-enabled. The AliMe chatbot is the most known Alibaba chatbot with the highest commercial value. The chatbot uses semantic understanding, voice recognition, customized recommendation, etc., to cater to the customers’ growing needs.

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5. Sales

One of the main business aims is to generate sales using fewer resources providing high quality. Artificial intelligence enhances all sales process stages, starting from generating leads to offering customized marketing messages. CRM, one of the best software, uses all the AI features to analyze customers’ buying behavior and forecast sales. The CRM AI strategies lead to more sales for e-commerce businesses using extensive data to evaluate and compare information for predictions.

6. Human Resource

The HR or human resource department is any business’s main department to streamline the processes or hire employees. The hiring process might get tricky with several people to interview, short-list, screen, and hire. Hence, integrating artificial intelligence into HR will solve significant rising issues by saving time, hiring professionals, and faster processing. It will reduce the overall cost to the company by automating the entire hiring process. Though companies are skeptical about AI taking over the human resource department, it is evident it will be a handy tool in the initial screening of candidates. The HR AI tool can analyze the candidate’s video presentation via computer vision and voice recognition technologies. Moreover, they can evaluate the content posted by candidates on various social media sites to make a more informed decision.

Artificial Intelligence is a growing industry with companies integrating unique techniques and technology into their businesses to gain a competitive edge. We have seen how an AI consultant helps companies implement an AI strategy to increase efficiency, effectiveness, speed, transparency, scalability, and quality. A few use cases have changed the business landscape by providing a faster solution by automating the operations. Since the future is arriving faster with artificial intelligence, it won’t be long before robots, or smart products do every human work process. So, companies looking for unique solutions should invest in AI now.

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