7 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Resume Writing Service

Writing a resume can be a daunting and time-consuming task, especially when you feel stuck and you find yourself alone. Amidst their job search, most people often wonder, “Should I hire a professional resume writing service?” especially when they are not getting any job prospects.

Research has shown that 75% of the resumes get rejected as they don’t pass the Applicant tracking system. Since most of the jobs are found online, it becomes essential to curate a taintless resume. However, most people often struggle with including and eliminating in their resumes. This is when they end up writing an accurate resume and fail to impress their hiring officers, and in turn, miss to land the job. To save themselves from such misfortunes, most aspirants look for assignment writing services to get their services written and acquire their dream jobs.

However, if you are searching for jobs and you decide to hire a resume writing service to get their job done, there are certain things you should remember. So, before you are intimidated to fork over your hard-earned money, here are 7 things you should consider. Read on to learn more.

7 Considerations Before Choosing The Right Resume Writing Service

1. Credentials

When you are trying to select a resume writing service for yourself, you should ask yourself do they have certified resume writers? Every reputed organization has a pool of handpicked and carefully chosen writers with years of experience. Moreover, they have the relevant skills and expertise in writing resumes over a lot of different subjects. Certified resume writers also need to pass challenging examinations to boost their credentials. So, if you wonder how to check for credentials, take a look.

  • Turn to the website and look for their credentials on the website.
  • Find out if they are incubated and have enough evidence to prove their authenticity.
  • Search online and read blogs or articles to understand more about the company and its owners.

2. Accreditation

Accreditation is another element you should take into consideration while hiring a professional resume writing service. All accredited organizations are a member of the Better Business Bureau. Unfortunately, the internet is filled with a lot of scams and frauds, and if you don’t do your research well, you might end up being tricked for money. Therefore, check the resume service before investing your money so that you can work with a reputable firm. If you wonder how to check company accreditations, here are some tips.

  • Look for the company logo along with the ISO certification details on their website.
  • Check the basics like company address, contact details, social media presence, etc.
  • Do an official check by verifying their registration with credit organizations and other financial agencies.

3. Awards

Did the resume writing service you selected win any industry award? The best resume writers from reputed resume writing companies are eligible to receive nominations and are given the Toast of the Resume Industry Award. If the service you are willing to avail has won any such awards, then probably you have hit the bull’s eye. However, if there are no recognitions as such, it might probably be a mediocre or unrecognized company. Here are some ways to look for company awards.

  • Most company achievements and accomplishments are listed on the website. So, check the website carefully, especially the About Us section, to notice any such recognitions.
  • Most companies also like to highlight their recognitions on their social media pages that you can check to verify.

4. Process

Every resume writing has its own process and requirements. Therefore, while selecting a service provider, check that their writing process matches your needs. Your compelling resume writing needs and goals might be different from someone who just needs to tweak their resumes. Most services work with their clients based on data charts and worksheets without directly connecting with them. However, there are others who provide a full consultation over a call. Look for providers that best serve your needs and can provide a resume based on your interests. If you are curious about the resume writing process, here is a glimpse.

  • Select the basics like the format, headlines, font, background, etc.
  • Create a standout summary statement and detailed work experience.
  • List your relevant skills with your education certifications and include keywords.

5. Turnaround Time

Every professional resume writing service has a different turnaround time. You can find any time from 24 hrs to a month or maybe more. While figuring out a writing service for yourself, consider how much time you can spare for the service. If you are passively looking for jobs, then maybe a more extended deadline will not be a problem. However, if you need a job, then a service provider with a quick turnaround time will be beneficial. Here is how you can select based on your needs.

  • Look for organizations that provide on-time delivery service so that they can take up urgent orders.
  • They must have trained professionals who can work under strict time restraints without compromising on quality.
  • An ideal service provider should have 24×7 availability so that you can connect with your writers at any point in time in case of any corrections or changes.

6. Reviews

Reviews are the best way to find out if a company is worth your money or not. Read plenty of online reviews and do your research before investing your money in it. The internet is a valuable treasure, and you can find wealthy information regarding your company. There will be previous client experiences and ratings that will allow you to make your decision. You will also be able to understand the company’s replies to these actions. Here is how you can find reviews for a particular company.

  • Go to the company website and look for testimonials or client reviews.
  • Look for reviews sites and search for your company to find out genuine experiences.
  • Connect with an expert to get a reliable opinion for yourself.

7. Samples

The last thing that can be a deciding factor is samples. Most reputed resume writing services display their expert samples on their website. When requested, they can even allow you to access those samples so that you can decide for yourself. Look for the language, tone, sentence structuring, word choices, etc., to judge if it fits your requirements. Moreover, you can also choose an expert profile from the website to select the best for yourself.

Parting Thoughts

Writing a resume can be challenging even for the most impeccable writers. Moreover, no one has time to spare to curate and perfect their resumes. This is why reaching out to a professional resume writing service is the best resort. These writers can overcome any obstacles that might come in the way of curating an effective resume and can showcase their skills in highlighting your experience, skills, and professional profile.

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