8 Main Elements Of A Good Website

Generally, websites that are considered good are simple as well as attractive, and easy to use. Websites should be designed and made in a way that users can easily find what they are looking for. A good website can boost your business not only in your geographical area but also globally. No doubt that in order to create a good website you will need some professionals from different areas who can make your site user-friendly.

Good Website Elements

A number of factors affect the status of any website including, site speed, color and designing, quality content, good web development, and much more. Interested in learning web development/ designing? Join web development courses in Lahore. So without ado, let’s get straight into the 8 main elements of a good website.

Web Designing

The first thing the user sees is your website design. The theme, color combination, etc. are the factors on which most users decide to stay or leave your site. So in order to grab the attention of a user and persuade him/ her to stay longer on your site, you have to do proper web designing of your site. This will help you to gain peoples’ interest as well as it will enable you to stand out in the market.

Site Speed

I can’t stress enough how much the load speed of your site/ page is essential. Let’s get real. Do you like to revisit that site that has wasted your time by starting over in order to show results? No! Right? The same is the case with everyone. In this era, everyone is trying to get what s/he wants instantly. Proper web development, optimization of images/ graphics, and so on, help your website to load faster.

Mobile Friendly

Successful websites have responsive themes that automatically adjust to every device e.g. tablets, desktops, smartphones, etc. More than 70% of people like to use their smartphones instead of sitting in front of their laptops/ PCs. In order to reach your audience on a large scale, you need to make your website mobile-friendly. For this purpose, you can ask a professional web developer who can help you in making your site mobile-friendly.

Proper Navigation

For those who don’t know what navigation is, let me first briefly explain it. Having a proper navigational website refers to the site which has clickable buttons, well-arranged page hierarchy, and the content uploaded on the site must be in proper headings and subheadings. Sites having effective navigation attract more people and eventually give you more traffic.

Quality Content

Relevant and quality content is like fuel to your site and the more good content your website would provide, the more people will engage from it. Content includes everything like written content in form of blogs/articles etc., videos, images/ graphics, and so on. Do you like to create graphics or illustrations? Become a graphic designer by enrolling yourself in the graphic designing course in Lahore. In addition, avoid publishing fluff content to your site and don’t let your readers get bored. Always provide such content to your readers which they could find useful, interesting, and easy to read.


Showing consistency in uploading content or connecting with your audience by any means is super important, especially if you have just started out. Being consistent in the layout, theme, or design of your site also matters a lot. To create brand awareness, a proper/ strategic planner is required to be consistent. Moreover, Google also prefers to rank those sites which consistently upload/ update their content. To stay consistent, the proper content strategy could be a life savior for your business. However, weekly or monthly can also do wonders for your brand.

User Friendly

Websites should be made simple and easy to use by conjuring the fact that average people do not like to exhaust themselves in order to get desired information. There are high chances that if a user finds it difficult to do what s/he wants, s/he might leave your site within a few seconds. So to avoid it from happening, you have to make your site user-friendly and upload relevant content by considering the factor of proper navigation as well.

Call To Action

Call to action is also considered one of the most important elements of a good site. With an effective call-to-action strategy, you can increase your conversion much better. If you want to get more leads or drive more sales, you need to give your customers something to do. But how? You might be wondering, right? For this, you have to provide relevant information on promotions and sales by which your target audience can get a benefit. To get ideal clients on a large scale, one of the most effective ways is to persuade them to sign up for your newsletter to keep them updated about your latest news.

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