8 Tech Devices to Use For Your Pet

It’s no secret that people adore their canine companions. In the United States, 85 million families have a pet, whether a cat, dog, fish, hamsters, or other animals.

Finding a present or toy for our pets or someone else’s can be tough. The usual ball or bone won’t always suffice. Look at electronic devices for pets to keep them occupied and safe for pets who have everything.

That’s correct; technology isn’t just for people. Many pet devices on the market can help you clean up after your pet, track them, entertain them and give the daily life and activities about pets.

This article will give you a guide to some of the best tech for your pets

LTE Dog Tracker

Look into the LTE Dog Tracker if you have a pet who enjoys exploring on its own. You can track your dog wherever they go with this GPS tracker. You can follow them on your phone and get notifications when your pet wanders too far away from home.

You can also erect virtual barriers. The collar attachment clip on the Found LTE Dog Tracker conveniently attaches to most flat collars. This pet tracker will give you peace of mind.

Smart Feeder

The Smart Feeder is ideal for both cats and dogs, whether you’re going on vacation or need something to feed your pet on a regular basis while you’re at work. It will assess your pet’s nutritional needs and produce a custom food plan for them.

When you’re low on food or your pet has been fed, the Smart Feeder will send you a notification to your mobile device. You can even change your pet’s food schedules manually in real-time from your phone or laptop, to check their calorie consumption.

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Shark Robot Vacuum

Every pet comes with grooming. You will most certainly have it all over your house if it has hair. The Shark Robot Vacuum does all the heavy lifting for you. It even has cleaning and self-emptying capabilities, so you won’t have to get up from your couch to keep your home clean.

The brush roll is self-cleaning, so it will vacuum your space while removing pet hair. As it vacuums up your dog and cat’s fur, don’t worry about the vacuum being blocked. 

GoPro Fetch

Have you ever wished to know what your pet gets up to during the day? You can accomplish just that with a GoPro Fetch. The dog harness can be used to attach your GoPro to your dog’s back or chest.

After you’ve attached the camera to them, take pictures of the world from their perspective. It may be adjusted to accommodate any dog size. With the GoPro Fetch, you can start a YouTube or Instagram account for your pet with the humorous movies you’ll get.

MyQ Pet Portal

If your pet frequently wanders from inside to outside, the MyQ Pet Portal is a must-have. It’s a built-in dog door with a range of colors and materials to choose from. It connects to your pet’s collar, which has a Bluetooth sensor built on it.

Your pet will only be able to enter and exit through the door if the sensor is activated. When your pet approaches the door, you can set it to open automatically. You may also have the door notify you when your animal approaches it, allowing you to grant it admission through your device’s app.


Cheerble is a small ball that rolls and hops in unpredictable patterns. It’ll keep your cat occupied for hours. Charge it and configure it with a few different settings based on your needs.

Cheerble also has a variety of play zones for the ball to roll under and into. As your cat tries to grab hold of it, it will present further hurdles.

iFetch Ball Launcher

If you have an active dog, throwing its ball all the time can quickly wear out your arm. The iFetch Ball Launcher is designed to do exactly that: launch balls up to 30 feet away.

It may be used both indoors and outdoors. The ball launcher can be powered by batteries or a direct power source. Running after its favorite ball will exhaust your dog.

Cooling Collar for Dogs

How many of us use cooling neck wraps when we’re outside in the summer? You can now get one for your dog as well. Keeping your dog cool during hot weather can be difficult, especially when they’re moving about.

Wrap the cooling collar around the dog’s neck after moistening it. It will keep them cool for a very long time.

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