8 Web Development Blogs You Should Follow Now

Learning a skill requires you to connect with like-minded people, who are ahead of you in the journey. Or at least, they have the same passion and hunger for knowledge, so you two can help out each other in attaining proficiency.

The same goes for web development. It’s one of the high-paying skills to learn in this digital era. In the software industry, one gets an abundance of opportunities to either work as a 9-5 employee or a full-time freelancer.

But to stay updated with the latest trends and grab new opportunities, you must become a part of the web development community. And read lots of articles and blog posts daily to learn advanced tips and tricks.

Below, I’m mentioning eight web development blogs that offer premium web development knowledge and insights.

1.Tuts+ Code

Chances are you have already heard of this platform. Envato tuts’ website contains 1200+ courses and hundreds of e-books, all rich in tech knowledge. From web development to designing, coding, and motion graphics, you name it and they’ve got it.

And then have a blog section where they provide a rich amount of in-depth content about API, Python, JS, and other coding languages and concepts. If you want to add new web concepts to your existing arsenal in the early morning hours, do read their blog.


What sugar is to your dessert, CSS is to web development. And to super-charge your CSS knowledge and concepts, read CSS-Tricks’ blog. It offers everything from cross-platform development to content about Redux.

By applying those tips, you can forge your way to success in the web development landscape. We highly recommend this blog for amateur developers who want to lay out a solid foundation of web concepts.

3.Web Design Ledger

If you are looking for a community where you can get specific and general knowledge about the web field, Web Design Ledger is the place to get started. They provide tutorials and listicles, discuss the tools evolving in the web field, and lots of useful tips about PHP, KS, jQuery, and Node JS.

More or less, this platform covers everything related to the web: Coding, common errors, domain name importance, and other aspects that often go unnoticed.

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Looking for something that is neither too advanced nor too basic? Certainly, in the middle of your web journey, you find yourself in a position where some concepts feel too basic while the rest go beyond your comprehension.

If this feels relatable to you, visit’s blog. They have tutorials on everything from JS to PHP and several other programming languages. Their courses are worth studying if you want to take your coding expertise to the next level.


Next on the list is Codrops. It’s a web design and development blog churning out articles and blogs on a daily basis to educate its audience. You will learn about the latest industry trends via Codrops.

If you prefer video learning, this is going to be a great experience for you. The Codrops put video content ( unlike other blogs that rely on text content ) to educate their audience.

You will find plenty of inspiration and new ideas in this domain. Who knows, you might end up learning a new, lucrative framework or language by following Codrops.

6.Digital Gravity

Digital Gravity is not just a web design company in New York but a full-fledged digital firm that also deals in mobile application development and digital marketing. However, web development is something you could call their specialty.

You can follow their blog where they regularly post content about e-Commerce, web technologies, mobile app technologies, internet security, and much more. You can also learn about various web design and development tools in detail that their developers use.


SpeckyBoy’s blog is a goldmine for front-end developers. If you are a front-end developer and want to keep your knowledge up-to-date (so you can brag about your expertise in front of friends), it’s worth following his blog.

His blog has many premium tutorials and UIs that you can use for inspiration. As it goes without saying, the content revolves around CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and WordPress.

And yes, here’s the most important thing: It has a separate section for freelancers. Are you interested in becoming a full-time freelancer? Do give it a check.

8.CodePen Blog

With the passage of time, you are bound to feel the available knowledge is obsolete or too basic. The thing is, the knowledge might still be advanced but it’s your level that has increased. You are an expert, congratulations!

So now, you are supposed to follow blogs that discuss technical stuff such as errors, bugs, coding tips, and tricks, etc. And for that, you must visit CodePen’s blog. They even run podcast episodes to communicate their ideas with followers in a more engaging way.


Web design and development technologies will keep progressing. If you get stuck at a certain level, you will never be able to increase your worth (and your salary). So make sure you read new stuff on web development daily and practice. Keep your creative juices flowing and your technical skill set expanding. Good luck!

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