Advantages of Keeping Kids Active Indoors

Kids are naturally very active and have a lot of energy to burn. However, with the current trend towards online entertainment and learning, children are spending less time actively moving around. The challenge with this lifestyle of reduced activity is that it puts children at risk of various health issues.

Benefits of Fitness and Physical Activity

Building a stronger heart, bones, and muscles

Dancing, jumping around, or jogging in place gets the heart pumping. Any active movement exercises the heart, bones, and muscles and in turn strengthens the muscles and bones. Keeping active also helps the body fight disease better as body weight is controlled and blood pressure is lowered.

Improved wellbeing and behavior

Physical activity is a good and healthy outlet for pent-up energy, whether indoors or outdoors. Active children generally sleep better and handle physical and emotional challenges more easily. Keeping fit also has the added advantage of building up self-confidence and esteem.

Improving posture and balance

Slouching on the couch playing video games, carrying a heavy backpack, or bone misalignment can impact a child’s posture. Stretching and indoor exercise can improve posture and balance by increasing core and spine strength.

Refining motor skills

Active online fitness for kids can look a lot like play. Behind the scenes, this helps in the development of motor skills which help them master the basic movements needed for everyday life, such as eating, tying laces, and writing.

Technology and Fitness

The good thing about technology is that it can bring active online fitness for kids right into your living room. It does not take much to get children to be active. They are always ready to participate in fun and games, regardless of structure or surroundings, indoors or outdoors.

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