Age Verification – For Improved Client Experience and Minors’ Safety

In this modern age, life is merely considered a race where everyone is determined and spontaneous. One thing that for sure clients of different businesses in various industries are always short of is time. Time is money, money is everything. The service of age verification here becomes mandatory in entities to preserve the time of clients by accurately authenticating a customer’s eligibility and his identity in no time. 

Time is valuable but what’s more important than that? One thing that customers are even shorter of? It is patience. The process of identity validation and age verification taking even a moderate amount of time can create a huge difference in the sales volumes of a particular business organization. Businesses must try out different approaches and aspects but never the patience level of their clients. AI-powered service of age verification with universal coverage is there to prevent that. 

Significance of Age Checks

Children these days are drifting away from everyone, having less contact with individuals, which can be a great concern for parents. Plenty of time on the internet where a lot of scammers are just looking for targets, age verification is inevitable to ensure that minors do not indulge in purchase or attempt of any restricted product or service. 

There are so many illegitimate sources and parties that aid children to bypass processes of age verification and IDV but the practice of global automated systems in the KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance outsmarts tonnes of talented scammers. Integral data from the global registers and an AI-powered robust mechanism of age verification are what restricted businesses are banking upon. Trading of false IDs and PII of different eligible customers by illegitimate online vendors is increasing at a brisk pace. In June 2020, the market of online alcohol sales was around $21 billion out of which 20% of customers were underage. The figures are expected to double by 2024. Business organizations are required to comply with regulations of KYC and perform age verification to ensure safe and eligible client expansion. 

Impact of Social Media and Movies

The entertainment industry and social platforms have had a very huge impact on children since the very beginning. The service of age verification gets imperative in cases like that. Like in movies, how children often see their favorite movie stars doing stunts and action sequences and end up harming themselves in an attempt to replicate them. Similarly in e-commerce, it has been seen that plenty of minors engages in the purchase of adult-oriented products and content. The role of social media is also substantial over there and age verification online is a compulsion to prevent any sort of predicament. 

In social platforms or in movies, seeing how alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs are the symbol for coolness, tempt minors to try one of those. The system of age verification can be of great use for global streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, also for social media platforms but unless that happens adult-restricted businesses have to bear the responsibility alone. The solutions for age verification lend great support to that objective. The combination of global automated services in the process of age checks and identity validation gives utmost accuracy and promises a seamless experience. 

Biometric Scan in IDV

The technology of biometric recognition in the procedure of identity confirmation works on the support of machine-learning algorithms and the network of thousands of AI models connected to analyze the ID credentials of clients and perform age verification. Along with that, all other integral checks are performed in a brief period of time. 

To verify the age of a minor, restricted entities can confirm the facial elements of the client’s selfie uploaded for KYC compliance by cross-checking them with the ones in global registers. The multilingual system for identity and age verification processes documents of clients from different jurisdictions in no time. Face recognition technology in age verification performs liveness detection, skin texture analysis, depth censoring, and all to ensure authentic and eligible client onboarding. 

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Global automated systems in age verification coupled with AI, analyzing all dynamics of the face of clients along with universal coverage of multiple data registers makes a strong selling point. Vulnerable children misguided and self-harmed with cannabis, cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption, online adult gaming, all such things are roadblocks in the way of the progress of any country. All of this can be seamlessly avoided by performing age verification through global automated solutions. 

Wrapping Up

The service of age verification is an unavoidable necessity for entities. In order to facilitate eligible clients seamlessly and prevent children from all negative consequences, global automated systems are the only option. The process of age verification is accurate, swift, and guarantees increased customer experience.

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