All You Need to Know about Hosting for Mobile Apps

 Once you have put together your mobile app by deciding all the factors including its functionality and aesthetics, next comes the selection of the best web hosting provider in India. You need to use a hosting server that can house your mobile app to help your users gain access to it. Once you get your app going, you want to attract as many users as possible. However, if your app keeps going down, it will alienate many potential users.

Hence, let’s check out how a mobile app is hosted and how to make it work optimally.

  • How to host a Mobile App?

You have to consider several elements to help your mobile application set up and function optimally. Mobile app hosting basically refers to a kind of software that allows a web hosting service to run your apps using servers or a cloud hosting solution. These servers could include shared hosting, cheap VPS server, dedicated hosting, and many more for you to choose from.

The businesses put together an app by deciding various factors like design and development along with strategizing about how they want to reach their audience. It is crucial to select the best web hosting provider in India to help you reach your target audience and become live. So your mobile application can be easily downloaded and used with the help of your servers.

All businesses are unique, so are the products and services they provide through their mobile apps.  They could provide a basic product or service that you can access through various devices such as your mobile or tablets, including an independent task manager. In some instances, a single app does not need an entire hosting service.

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However mobile apps that have huge amounts of data and cater to a large population, need a web hosting service and compatible server packages to house the huge amount of app content and deliver fast performance to your users. There are also mobile apps such as Hotstar and Netflix that have a huge library of content they embody which cannot function without a web hosting provider and huge server along with its resources.

  • Which hosting is most compatible with a Mobile App?

1. Shared hosting

When people first start their own business website or applications, shared hosting is a popular choice due to its budget-friendly prices and its features. The main allure of shared hosting is its easy usability and simple navigation. Regardless of whether you own a domain name, a file transfer protocol software is all you need to get your data migrated to your web hosting server. Once you send it all, your mobile app is immediately live.

You can also avail yourself of brilliant services and features with shared hosting. The web hosting provider you choose will dictate the amount of storage, bandwidth, performance, email addresses, backups, and many other factors. So you can hit the ground running even if you do not have much technical knowledge or experience.

You need to figure out your needs and find a web hosting provider in India that can satisfy them all. You should thoroughly check what they are offering as there could be some hidden surprises in the terms and conditions. While the majority of web hosting providers are upfront, you should still check them out thoroughly. Better safe than sorry.

2. Dedicated Server Hosting

The dedicated server is compatible with mobile applications that require a higher-tech level along with faster performance and more resources. The dedicated server provides complete control over all the elements which means you can customize your server according to your needs without taking anybody else into consideration. A dedicated server is the highest form of web hosting in the industry now.

However, the package you choose will decide the resources you get, just like any other hosting. You can select how much storage space you need along with backup plans and bandwidth. You need to keep the level of security you hope to provide your website in mind while choosing your dedicated hosting plan. It is becoming simpler to get your head around how dedicated servers work and figure out if you need them to host your mobile app.

In case you do not have enough time to keep up with your server management, you can choose managed dedicated server in India. Where a team of experienced experts will easily shoulder all of these responsibilities for you.

3. Cloud Mobile App Hosting

There are several benefits to hosting your mobile app on the cloud.

  • Reliability

Since your mobile app is saved on a number of servers, not just restricted to one, you do not have to worry about a server going down and you losing your entire app to it. In case your data is erased on one server, you can rely on the backups of other servers.

  • Scalability

As your app grows and starts attracting more users, your needs for resources will also increase. With cloud hosting, you can easily scale your resources according to your needs without delay. Other types of hosting might not be able to provide so much scalability so quickly. A few clicks and you are good to go.


Your mobile app helps your product and service be accessible to a huge population that your website cannot handle. However, just focusing on building a great app does not ensure its success. You might put in a lot of effort to perfect its features and aesthetics, but you need to find the perfect way to deliver your app to your users. This is where hosting comes in.

As mentioned above, hosting is crucial to allow users to access your mobile app. You need to figure out your needs before you look for the best web hosting service in India because what is perfect for one business might not necessarily be so for others. You need to also check the features they provide and ensure they can provide the best platform for your mobile app to function optimally.

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