Artificial Intelligence In Hotel Management Industry

The hotel management industry is rapidly headed towards artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm. We have experienced contactless delivery, contactless transaction, etc in recent years. Technology is moving faster each day. The world tries to cope up with the latest technologies. Each corner of the world is applying advanced digital innovation to get a speedy and positive outcome.

There are many services provided in the hotel management industry to decrease the workload of employees and to increase the potentiality of the resorts and hotels. The services are based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. I give you some examples here.

  1. There are keycard reader machines installed in front of each door. Guests press the keycard on the machine if they want to lock or unlock their rooms.
  2. AI Chatbots are used mostly everywhere. The chatbots work as front office customer service providers to deliver instant information to the guests.
  3. Some 5-star hotels and resorts have implemented voice technology like Alexa and Siri in the guest rooms. Guests can order room services, they can ask for information about the hotel itself. The guests do not need to call the hotel reception each time for queries.

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If we look beyond India, many countries adopt robots, machines using modern technologies.

  1. Do you know about “Connie”? IBM has developed the robot for USA’s famous Hilton Hotels. Connie helps the hotel guests by providing information related to the hotel property.
  2. Let us meet with “Flippy”. Flippy works as a kitchen assistant and it can be installed anywhere in the kitchen area. The intelligent cooking AI software helps Flippy to make burgers perfectly every time. Many hotels in the USA have already welcomed Flippy as kitchen chef.
  3. In Japan, many sushi restaurants serve plates on a rotating conveyor belt. It reduces the serving time and increases the efficiency of the employees.
  4. Japanese hoteliers have also introduced “Sally” a salad-making machine. Guests can add their preferable choices on the screen and the machine will make a salad with fresh vegetables and fruits. All the machine need is the refilling of the ingredients.
  5. DELL company uses Briggo’s coffee robot at office premises. The robot prepares coffee for DELL employees. It is surely the Barista of the future.
  6. “Pepper” is SoftBank’s humanoid robot powered by MasterCard. It is programmed to take orders from the guests and deliver all the nutritional information related to the items offered. It can also show the total payable amount on its screen.
  7. In Nepal, there is a waiter robot known as “Ginger”. It serves food on the table.
  8. We all know about “Kiwibots”. They are the food delivery robots. Food delivery apps like Swiggy and Zomato can think of applying this technology in India.
  9. KFC has tested AI face recognition technology on some of their outlets. It scans the face of the guests so they can scan the previous orders made by the guests. The guests can also make funny faces with KFC exclusive emojis on the interactive screen.
  10. Dominos have already tied up with a drone-making company to deliver pizzas by food delivery drones.

The hotel management industry is rapidly transforming itself with the latest innovations. If you are interested to build a career in this industry then you need to get in touch with academic and research expertise who have real-world experience and know the depth of the hotel management industry. The industry is in need of those people who will be willing to deliver strong commitment and enthusiasm towards the work culture. The future of the hotel industry needs proper guidance from experienced and knowledgeable leaders and academians.

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