Awesome Things You Can Learn From Studying Animation

Animation the word came from the Latin word “Animare” which means to make alive or to fill with breath. The uses of animation are now not only limited to media and entertainment. But extended to education, business marketing, medicine, and engineering field. Here we will discuss some uses of animations in different fields:

Scientific Visualization
Architecture and Engineering


Animations in educational sectors have gained popularity as it is making education an enjoyable experience. Humans have a tendency to remember videos and pictures more than text. With animation the visualization and illustration the children can easily understand the concepts. Children also love to watch the animation and not get bored with it allowing them to intake information.
With the advent of powerful graphics-oriented computers, the making of animations has become easy and cheaper. Animation for educational purposes can be utilized to enhance the reception levels of the students and trainees. Making the complex and challenging concepts in easy to comprehend manner for children.


Animation is extensively used in multimedia and entertainment. It is used on different platforms such as TV, movies, the internet, and even phones. Widely popular old series like Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, and Donald Duck are 2-D animation series. Presently 3-D animation is gaining popularity and popular series are Star Wars, and Kungfu Panda are in 3-D animation. Many popular and massive profit movies are also in animations like Shrek, Finding Nemo, Toy stories, and Beauty and the Beast.


Animation has become a big trend in the advertisement industry. Creative visualization of products makes videos entertaining and attracts customers. Customers especially the millennia don’t want to listen to ordinarily promotional talks. They prefer watching videos with compelling personal and brand stories. With animation, this has become easier as it can experiment with different styles, creative arts, and effects. It doesn’t limit your imagination and ideas in introducing brands to customers. In fact, many companies now prefer animated commercial advertising. An animated commercial advertisement can be made in a short and effective version of about 15 to 60-second video. Animated advertising is used for product launches, raising brand awareness, and conversions to digital advertising on social media platforms, blogs, and websites. Thus with an increase in audience, there is an increase in sales.


Commercial animation is a new marketing tool. Companies using animated ads have been successful as it shows better results in audience engagement, customer acquisition and lead generation. People like to share fun animation and creative videos on social networks. So marketing about your company or products, there is no better way than to make a fun animated promo video to reach a larger audience. Using animation videos as a marketing tool is also cheaper than traditional marketing. Also, it can be reached to a large area at a faster rate. Animation can be used in boardroom presentations also to be more effective in the demonstration of the products.

Scientific visualization

Scientific visualization refers to the process of producing graphical representations of scientific data providing understanding and insight into the data. The 2D or 3D animation visual form of complex data provides a clear and intuitive approach for realistic visualization. Scientific visualization is used in different areas like flow visualization, medical visualization, astrophysical visualization, and chemical visualization. In medical visualization, animations help to create 3D, realistic models where parts of the body can be effectively studied and problems can be diagnosed faster and efficiently.


Gaming is all about animations. The art created by 2D and 3-D artists was given movement and life by the animators. They add to the character’s movement, personality, emotion, effects, and realism to the game. The gaming animators should also have a good understanding of programming and game engines. They make a 3D character modeling for the creation of a scene and all such activities as texturing, lighting, and rigging are done by a team of graphic professionals.


Simulation is the imitation of the real-world process. It is utilized in areas to create situations wherein the real-life situation is dangerous or cannot be controlled. Animation is used in simulation creating movement by displaying a series of images or using frames to create a moving picture. Simulation is used in the military for weapons training and certain situations. Simulations are also used by pilots to practice flight training and astronauts for training to fly outer space.


Animation is now playing an increasing role in the healthcare industry. More and more medical professionals are realizing the benefits of 3D animation can bring in the areas of learning and also communication with patients. The human anatomy can be made in animations which helps medical students to learn and understand better. And the complex details and techniques of surgery can be learned in 3D animation before conducting surgeries.

Architecture and Engineering:

Animation in the architecture and engineering industry has gained importance as a marketing tool. It helps to present the customers with the proposed design in a simplified manner. The visual and walk-through in 3D animation make feel real experience for the customers, which also helps them in decision making. The interpretation process of the structure of the buildings can be easily shown through the animations. They can also integrate the designing of the interiors and the planning process.


Animations are now been used in the manufacturing industry. The virtual models can be created through animations which helps the business firms to visualize. The creation of the models is a great cost-saving for firms as changes if required or if any fault detected can be eliminated before developing the actual product.

Final thoughts:

These are some of the most widely acknowledged areas where animations are utilized. The technology is evolving and with more advent of software’s it will be more advanced and uses will also increase.

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