The concept of live streaming has been in use even before the entire world had to go virtual. Though several businesses have started to host live streaming, there are still a few figuring their ways through it. When researched, it was found that the most common reason for still not going live is not being able to make the right choice of platform.

To make it easier for you, we have got the list of the most popular live streaming services in the UAE. Have a look:


Dreamcast is a prominent name when we talk about hosting virtual events. It is counted as an export platform when it comes to conducting live streaming. This platform has been designed with perfection, with all the features that one needs to host an efficient live streaming experience. Let us have a look at some of the most impressive features of this platform:

  • Dreamcast is a fully-customizable platform that allows you to plan and design your platform just the way you want. This feature has been incorporated into the list keeping in mind the importance of branding in virtual events.
  • This platform understands that it is not easy for the hosts to hold on to the audience’s attention. Hence, it offers its users with a set of some out of the box tools and features that will ensure that your attendees have a great time at your live streaming event.
  • Dreamcast is a multi-accessible platform that allows the audience to access the platform with a mobile phone, Laptop, PC, or any device of their choice. Since the audience does not have to worry about the device they will use to join the stream, the organizers get an excellent opportunity to tap a wider audience.
  • One doesn’t need to be a tech-geek to join the stream. A person with basic technical knowledge can easily access the platform, all thanks to the simple and user-friendly interface of the platform.
  • It comes with several audience engagement tools such as live chat, live survey, audio/video chats, Gamification features and many more features that enable the hosts to keep the audience engaged throughout the session.
  • Along with all these features, Dreamcast offers top-notch networking solutions to its users. These features include B2B Meeting Scheduler, Networking Tables, AI Matchmaking, and various other options. With these tools, the attendees can communicate with their fellow attendees and speakers while the session is going on.


Named among the top platforms that stream live as well as VOD content, Dacast has been a reliable brand in the virtual event industry for over years now. The platform comes with various features that help the organizers conduct an extremely impressive and engaging live streaming experience. Let us have a look at a few of the features that make Dacast, Dacast.

  • For Dacast, the topmost priority lies in the comfort and security of the audience. With the utmost safe and secure interface, the organizers are free to host their events without having to worry about online threats.
  • Analytics dashboard, password protection, and referrer restriction are some of the most notable features of this live streaming platform.
  • Dacast comes with a very simple yet well-designed interface, which enables the audience to access the live stream seamlessly.
  • This platform comes with 24/7 technical support via chat and email.
  • This platform enables the organizers to monetize their VOD content.
  • One more interesting feature of this platform is the live analytics feature. It allows the user to get an insight into the real-time analytics of the live stream. This feature helps them analyse their strategies and measure their success.


Known for its effective and well-built features, Wowza is an expert live streaming as well as VOD content platform.

Here are some of the most striking features of this platform that makes it stand out from its competitors and the rest of the crowd:

  • The most notable feature of this platform is that it is multi-device accessible. With this feature, comes an exemplary opportunity for the users to tap on a wider range of audiences, and expand their brand recognition.
  • To make sure the users deliver a top-notch experience to their attendees, it lets them integrate with third-party applications.
  • One doesn’t need to worry about online threats when they have chosen Wowza to stream their event. It is a highly secure platform that is concerned about the security of its users, and never compromises with it.
  • Another notable feature of this platform is that it comes with a recording feature that lets the users record the streaming, and later use it according to their convenience.
  • The pricing of this platform is not too much, which makes it a highly affordable platform; suitable for small to mid-scale businesses.


Next on the list of the most popular live streaming services in the UAE is Wowza. This platform is an expert when it comes to delivering live streaming events, VOD streaming content, and two-way video conferencing. Without wasting time, let us go through all the amazing features provided by this platform:

  • Brightcove comes with a detailed analytics tool that allows the users to get insight into the in-event audience engagement data. This feature comes as a great advantage to the users as it enables them to analyze their strategies and measure the success of their live streaming events.
  • It also provides the users with several video marketing tools which let the users promote their event and gain organic leads.
  • Brightcove is a highly secure platform which means it is totally safe from online threats such as data leakage and hacking.

Vimeo Livestream:

Vimeo Livestream is a highly engaging and efficient live streaming video platform that comes with a set of impressive features. The best thing about this platform is that it enables the organizers to deliver authentic and larger-than-life event experiences, irrespective of the size of their organization. This expert platform masters in the integration of hardware, software, and cloud services and hosts more than 10 million events per year.

Let us dive straight into the features that this platform provides to its users:

  • In its premium plan, It comes with coherent tech support through emails and lives chats, making it a highly reliable platform for the users.
  • The platform has a simple yet imposing interface making it easy for the attendees to access the platform and the live streaming.
  • Other salient features of the platform are large storage capacity, live analytics, privacy control, and video management.

When it comes to living streaming platforms, there are a plethora of options available to choose from. However, this is where most of the streamers lose their game. They don’t know that making the wrong choice can help them lose it all. But, we understand that it gets challenging for the organizers to make the right choice, and this is why we have brought this list for you. We hope it has fulfilled the purpose and you find it incisive.