Changes in Apple’s Privacy Policy

Privacy practices adopted by the world’s leading technology company Apple this year have revealed a loss of $10 billion to leading social media companies.

The technology news website “The Verge” reported, citing a study in The Financial Times, that after Apple changed its privacy policy, social media platforms Facebook, Snapchat and, YouTube, and Twitter lost about $9.85 billion in revenue.

Apple last year announced the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) policy, which has been in effect since April this year. Under this policy, applications were required to seek their permission to track users’ data.

The purpose of this policy was to prevent the application from data tracking if users refused permission.

It should be noted that Facebook had criticized Apple’s announcement of a change in privacy policy last year and the social media company had also published a full-page advertisement in the newspaper on this move.

According to the report, Facebook suffered the most in ‘Absolute Terms’ compared to other social media platforms due to its expansion.

Similarly, SnapChat has experienced ‘worst performance in terms of percentage of its business because its advertising is mostly linked to smartphones that are meant for products that do not have a desktop version. Would have

Technology expert Eric Seifert says some platforms, especially Facebook, which has been hardest hit by the ATT, need to redesign their systems.

He told the Financial Times that he thought the new infrastructure could take at least a year. New tools and frameworks need to be developed from scratch and comprehensive testing is required before they can reach a large number of users.

Apple’s new policy will force social media platforms and other apps to be more creative with their advertising.

What has changed with the app tracking policy?

App Tracking Transparency has forced developers to give users the option of whether or not to allow them to track their data.

After the user’s update to iOS 14.5 version, it has become mandatory for every company that wants to track users and their data on various apps and websites to get permission from the user first. ۔

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