Fashion Academia

The academic aesthetic is defined by classic academic fashion trends. Novels, films, art, and architecture have all influenced the aesthetic. Dark, light, and art academy are three styles that have swept the fashion industry by storm. Modern aesthetics, such as this one, are progressive in today’s atmosphere since they have defied all gender stereotypes and are incredibly dynamic and diversified from an aesthetic standpoint.
Now fast forward to 2021, when the likes of Instagram and TikTok are exploding in popularity, and there is a slew of others that have gotten ingrained in society and fashion. Cottagecore, for example, is a new phrase that has lately escaped from quarantine, and millions of soft girl hashtags can be found on TikTok.
There are a few older ones included here in case you need a refresher, but here are 10 trendy aesthetics if you’re seeking to switch up your outfits—or simply brush up on your online slang.

Types of Aesthetics:


“E-girls” have coloured hair (typically centred on the two front sections, as Dua Lipa does here) and hyper-stylized makeup that amplifies their eyes and cheeks, similar to anime characters. Many individuals draw small hearts or wrinkles on their faces and apply a lot of blush to their cheeks to make them seem extra-rosy, but others choose to go without. use a lot of blush to make their cheeks look extra-rosy, however, some people prefer to wear no or very little makeup. Hair clips, mesh clothing, choker chains, and jewellery are all essential for achieving the ultra-online look, and while gaming culture is a significant part of it, it’s not the only one. It is not required that you are a World of Warcraft gamer to enjoy it. (However, it appears to be entertaining?)

VSCO girl:

White sneakers or Espadrilles, elevated slacks or shorts, Hydroflask bottles, oversized T-shirts, and scrunchies are all common outfit items. The term derives from the photo-editing programme (pronounced “Visco”). Messy buns and seashells necklaces are indeed part of the calculation for that informal, low-key, and yes, rather a plain style.

Dark Academia:

Tweed jackets, sweater vests, and everything else that conjures up images of prep school or a prominent (and far-too-expensive) East Coast university are all essentials for this outfit. The term “dark” simply refers to the deeper tones of your attire, which often include browns and blacks, as seen in Bella Hadid’s jacket.

Soft girl:

This look is similar to that of the VSCO girls, except it depends heavily on colourful hair barrettes and pastel hues. Pinks and purples, pleated skirts, flowers, sweater vests, and cardigans are frequently seen in the ensembles. Some variations, on the other hand, may contain edgy contrasting features such as clunky shoes, black baguette purses, or striking eyeglasses, but it’s still “soft” because it’s all about the silhouette. the overall vibe you’re projecting. More soft girl clothing options may be found by clicking 1filmy4wap.
Consider the late 1980s and early 1990s, when Grunge and Pearl Rock dominated the charts and flannel shirts were the looks. Marc Jacobs also designed a now-iconic grunge collection for Perry Ellis in 1992, which was influenced by the Pacific Northwest’s booming music industry. Mesh, plaid, clashing patterns, black boots, and stacked choker bracelets are all common elements in the aesthetic’s clothing. It also doesn’t hurt to include a guitar or two in the backdrop of a photo, as singer beabadoobee did above.


Imagine being in a western dress or a light sleeper, living in a charming tiny house surrounded by a garden you tend to on a daily basis. Doesn’t that sound like perfect bliss? The house and garden may be a reach, but wearing a flowery or eyelet piece evocative of The Little House on the Prairie may give the impression that you own both. In this regard, brands like Christy Dawn, DEN, and Hill House Home (with its popular “Nap Dress”) might assist you.

Light Academia:

The same as before, but with lighter colours! I realise this is a fairly basic explanation. To get in on this vibe, stick to whites, creams, and beiges.

Art hoe:

This trend began on Tumblr, where members of the Black and LGBTQ+ communities used art and collages to express themselves.
While the name “hoe” is controversial, Mars, a gender-fluid co-founder of the aesthetics, told The Associated Press: “‘Art hoe’ or ‘art ho’ is a phrase used by myself and my co-founder.” Jam to empower and help lift participants of colour in this movement… it’s normally a derogatory way to refer to female Black women–as being promiscuous, within the male perspective.” When the phrase is used arbitrarily, it obscures the term’s detrimental origins in favour of something better.” Vintage-looking clothing that reflects nature or art, such as this beautiful House of Sunny cardigan above, is commonly associated with this style.

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