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Good Jobs for New Graduates in Jalandhar


If you are looking for a job in Jalandhar, there are plenty of opportunities to choose from. The city is home to many manufacturing and information technology companies, as well as small businesses. You can find jobs in all industries here, from administrative positions to skilled trades. Plus, with a population of over one million people, there is always someone looking for someone just like you. So if you’re thinking about moving to Jalandhar or are simply interested in the job market here, read on for more information.

Jobs in Jalandhar are plentiful for candidates with the right experience. With a population of over one million people, there are always jobs available in almost every industry, including information technology, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Unemployment rates in Jalandhar are relatively low when compared to the rest of the nation. At 4.7 percent, this is nearly 2 percentage points below what it was in 2013

Statistics show that most people living in Jalandhar work in wholesale or retail trade (16%), followed by manufacturing (15%)  and construction (11%).

Best Company Listings

If you are looking for a job with good pay and benefits, your best bet might be finding employment at an IT company or manufacturing plant. Due to the high demand for skilled labor, the IT sector is the most fast-growing industrial sector in the past few years.

Once you have a list of places to start applying, review the company listings on EmpowerYouth and Monster before submitting your resume or application. Read about each company and whether they are hiring based on their website and other online sources, then be sure that you tailor your application to match their needs as closely as possible.

Check out the different job portals to find the best suitable job for you.  Most of these job portals offer both free and subscription basis services. You can subscribe to their premium membership for a month or year to get notifications about the latest jobs in your account.

If you are planning to work from home, check out the craigslist Jalandhar site for telecommuting opportunities. Jobs include customer service, virtual assistant, transcriptionist, writer, translator, and business analyst positions. You may even find other professionals offering their services as independent contractors through craigslist Jalandhar.

Good Jobs for New Graduates

Job Search Startup

Start your job search by finding vacancies listed with EmpowerYouth. The company needs volunteers from nearly every field including management, medical workers, marketing personnel, and IT engineers. Fresher’s who have just finished their degree courses can apply here as well as professionals. You get excellent experience working with our organization.

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To find jobs in Jalandhar with national and international companies, check out Here you will find the latest opportunities at hotels and resorts, banks and financial institutions, media houses, software development firms, and IT-enabled services providers like BPOs and KPOs. There’s even a job for housewives and retired individuals who want to make some extra money volunteering online through various social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.

Another website you should visit is Monster India. This portal helps candidates of all levels find their dream job across multiple industries including banking, logistics, marketing communications, manufacturing, etc. Moreover, there are many roles open with independent professionals.

Good Jobs for New Graduates

Eligibility Job Criteria

There are many opportunities for those looking for jobs in Jalandhar. There are numerous government as well as private sectors that offer a variety of positions. The most popular sectors for job seekers are retail, insurance, manufacturing, construction, and marketing. HCL, Wipro, Capgemini, and the Indian Railways are some of the companies that have branches in the city. These are only a few of the many companies that are hiring in the city.

Job seekers looking for a job in Jalandhar should check out the websites Fresherslive. Both of these websites provide information regarding the job vacancy and any eligibility criteria. You can also find information on how to apply for the positions, including the application process, and selection procedure. These sites also have links to submit an online application form for the positions that interest you. The websites also provide helpful information and resources about job searches, interview tips, and other important details.

Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an email detailing the job openings in Jalandhar. Then, you will have to choose the ones that interest you. If you are interested in working in the retail sector, apply to Reliance Retail limited, one of the largest companies in the country. You’ll be offered 40 hours of free online training. You can then decide whether to work in a store or to work in a warehouse.

Good Jobs for New Graduates

Job Opportunity for People

The retail sector is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Reliance Retail Limited has an excellent opportunity for people who have completed their 12th grade. The job requirements include computer skills, retail experience, and experience. Those seeking a career in the retail industry should contact Reliance Retail limited. The company has several locations across the country, so there is bound to be a good fit. These positions are a great way to earn additional income while living in an excellent city.

In addition to retail, a number of other companies in Jalandhar are looking for candidates with various skills. For example, Reliance Retail limited has an opportunity for 12th graders in Jalandhar who have computer skills. The company also provides 40 hours of online training, which is ideal for people with an interest in the retail industry. If you’re interested in working in the retail sector, apply for jobs at Reliance.

There are a wide variety of jobs in Jalandhar for people with various qualifications. The IT sector is home to several leading IT companies, including Wipro. Both of these companies employ more than 5000 people. The city is also home to numerous research and development centers. Thousands of employees are employed in IT-related fields in the area. Applicants should have a relevant degree to find a job in the city.

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