Guide to Student Accommodation in the City That Never Sleeps

New York City is home to some of the best colleges in America. Every year many students flock to the city to make their dreams come true. The city has something to offer to every individual. However, the city is also known for its competitive rental market.

There are plenty of options to figure out, ranging from on-campus living in the scenic west village to furnished guest rooms in Flushing, Queens. Sometimes the search becomes overwhelming. Don’t worry. We have got you covered. Here are some tips to help you find the best student accommodation in New York.

Student Housing Options In New York

There are few options to decide where you want to live. The following four suggestions are the best possibilities for students. Let’s check out.

Stay home accommodation: For those who are emotional about living without their family, a homestay is an ideal option. In this scenario, a host family welcomes you into their house and provides you with a private room, meals, and laundry services.

Being a student, you can choose the host family, connect with them during the booking process and enjoy a homely atmosphere even at a foreign location.

Private room: Students who look for flexibility should choose a private room. Private rooms are best if you like your own space. Rent a room from a family or a single homeowner with a private space and you can discuss with the family your boundaries. This is different from homestays as the homeowner is not concerned about your well-being.

Shared apartments: If you want to stay with friends then shared apartments are a great option. You and your roommates will be in charge of the apartment and its maintenance. You get all the freedom and flexibility.

You and your friends can enjoy group study at your ease. Generally, private bedrooms are provided, but the kitchen and living room are common. However, in this case, you need to manage your food and laundry.

University dorms: If you want to stay with your friends, want to save time commuting, and get access to food round-the-clock, then university dorms are the best option to go with. But as the seats are limited, you need to book them beforehand.

Survival Tips for Your Dream Destination

It might be scary moving to a new city and leaving your family behind but worry not, most people who live in New York are from outside. This charming city attracts the best in the world, so be happy that you made it and focus on achieving your dreams. Here are some survival tips to help you settle faster.

  1. Subway lines are very important to travel from one place to another. Download the map and learn by heart. Remember that most of the subway lines run North-South, so if you are studying on the Westside, look for an affordable student apartment on the west side itself to save yourself time and money.
  2. Most of the places in this city offer free Wi-Fi. Be it a library or coffee shop, you can hook up to the internet anywhere and study. Even if your apartment’s bandwidth runs out, you need not worry. You can just carry your laptop anywhere and voila!
  3. When you are looking for student housing in NYC, do not book with anyone who isn’t verified. Gain as much information as possible beforehand or you might repent later. Ask for a floor plan, size of the house, and course photos. As New York is rife with small apartments and aggressive realtors, you need to be very careful. Read the lease repeatedly before signing the document. Don’t sign anything you can’t commit to. Furthermore, do not share the documents with unverified people.
  4. Carrying cash is not important in New York City. In a lot of cities and countries, cash holds a lot of importance but not here. Even the street vendors have a card machine. Therefore, you can travel light.
  5. Sometimes it gets too hectic. So just take your time out and stroll through Central Park. It can replenish your mind. Lakes, trees, birds, and beautiful landscape, this park can soothe your soul.

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Find the Right Platform

When looking for quality student apartments, you need a trusted and verified platform. Ensure they offer verified properties, which guarantee a safe and secure living experience. A good platform will offer the best deals to the students. They will also offer fair prices through the booking process without any hidden charges.

In addition to it, look for a platform that provides all accommodation-related services under one roof. You may not find a suitable apartment if you wait too long or you might end up paying extra. Ideally, it is best if you start looking for a home six weeks to a month before your courses or internships begin.

It is easier to find better rates during winter as fewer people move to the city and thus you can strike an excellent deal.

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