Unlike every other human, life for a disabled person is not very easy.

While they need assistance in performing the basic tasks of their life, they need assistance in performing various activities such as using the restroom, cleaning, grooming, bathing, and other day-to-day personal activities.

Bathing and washing hair can be a task for a person with a disability as well as the person who assists him, but the introduction of inflatable shampoo basins has made things easier for both of them.

In this article, we will discuss how inflatable shampoo bowls are a good option for disabled people.


These are portable shampoo basins that can be inflated with the help of a pump.

After use or when not needed, they can be deflated, which helps them in porting them from one place to another for use with ease.

The feature of inflating and deflating the bowl helps the user in saving a lot of space and makes it efficient in storing and maintaining it.



Inflatable shampoo basins add to the ease of washing hair. One can easily wash hair on the bed itself without the hassle of going to the bathroom and washing the hair.

One does not need to remove their clothes for a head wash because the basin allows the head wash with the help of an assistant who can simply focus on the hair instead of getting all the clothes dripping wet with water.

There are certain people with disabilities or some elders and patients whose disability restricts their movement and makes it difficult for them to get a hair wash. In such cases, an inflatable shampoo basin is the most ideal tool to keep their hair hygienic and clean.


Inflatable shampoo bowls consist of an inbuilt drainage system that helps in preventing any kind of mess for the assistant of the disabled person.

It prevents unnecessary spillage and leakage of water from the bowl and helps in executing the entire task with ease.

Had this task been done in a washbasin sink it would have made things messier and it would have not been done at the comfort of the disabled person himself.

Thus, an inflatable shampoo basin helps in performing tasks in the comfort of the disabled person.


Another important benefit that one can derive from an inflatable shampoo basin is that it targets only the head wash. It prevents water from flowing down to the other areas of the body from the head. While that is not the case when washing hair over a washbasin.

This is because an inflatable shampoo basin is designed in such a manner that it supports the neck of the person from the back, its angular incline is such that it can aid the neck of the person.

A person can simply lie down while the hair is being washed, preventing water from reaching any other part of the body.

A person need not hustle and fidget during the entire process for easing comfort, it does not cause any inconvenience to the disabled person and also adds to the hygiene of the person.

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Hair washing is a tedious task. Sometimes, it may seem like a mountain. While bathing is necessary every day, washing hair, especially long ones, is not very easy.

It is a very time-consuming task.

The hygiene of the hair of a disabled person can not be ignored.

Thus, one can wash the hair of a disabled person anywhere, anytime without any barrier of time or place.

Hair can be washed in the comfort of your own bed or randomly anywhere, you don’t even need to go to a bathroom or use a washbasin or a sink for the same.

All one needs is an inflatable shampoo bowl and we are done with the task.


Inflatable shampoo basins are foldable. As the name suggests, they can be inflated with the help of a pump when needed and can be deflated when not needed. This property of the inflatable basins makes them portable.

They can be carried anywhere with ease and one does not need to fret about washing hair outside on board while traveling or somewhere away from the house.

It makes taking care of disabled people easy and maintaining their hygiene a less cumbersome task.

These are a few benefits that one can derive with the help of an inflatable shampoo basin.

Using an inflatable shampoo basin can bring down the burden of the assistance of the disabled person while maintaining the dignity of the disabled person at the same time.