How Technology Today Has Changed Traditional Jobs

We live in a dynamic society where an alteration in any the field is caused by innovation in product or service or by bringing creativity in the work we after turning the pages of the past witnessed that companies and firms who had failed to withstand or survive their era included the reason their method of work was not in synchronization with environmental demand, people want up-gradation and variation with time.

However, this particular consumer behavior was not spotted by the firm e.g. KODAK on the other hand companies like Facebook and Apple are working for ages their method of work evolved into modernization from the traditional working mode these companies know better than to kill the competition, and sway the masses through product or service they should align themselves with the people demand.

There are wide varieties of jobs ranging from product to service industries that have altered their mode of work after noticing significant changes in cultural-historical global and technological advancement.

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A deputy editor based at a regional newspaper in the southeast of England observed how this industry has changed, he said from typewriter to tweeter journalism has altered significantly over the last 25 years.

Walking into the newspaper you will hear clumsy typewriter, letters being typed manually and dropped through a letterbox or fax more over reporter couldn’t search online they had to make stories after going door to door and speaking to people.

Now tweeter has provided a platform to disseminate information across the world reporters can construct their stories on laptops and phones while sitting at a café, and people could access online sources to get apprised of the news. New technology has affected the role of journalists speeding up the production process and changing the manual environment with digital.

Online store

Technology bestowed an opportunity on people who were willing to start their own business but due to the space issue or exorbitant rent of space didn’t manage to initiate their business. People in both categories who owned physical stores and those who didn’t have both have taken their market online or used different E-commerce platforms like Amazon and Alibaba. Both platforms have brought ease to the life of people, using these platforms they can sell their products in any corner of the world. Launching products on these platforms generate more sales because now you have customers from across the world. It also saves your time visiting shops again and again. Moreover, now there is also no need to employ any person this saves your money too.


Technology has brought a significant revolution in the teaching sector. We have seen the change specifically during the pandemic time when educational institutions across the world were closed during that time Zoom and Google Classroom came to rescue the education sector from the deterioration of teachers who have never experienced the taste of teaching online, adapted themselves to it and tackled it very effectively.

Now there is no need for any teacher to visit any educational institution to deliver a lecture he could use the blessings of technology and take his class from any part of the world. It saved his commute time moreover he could post his online lectures take quizzes and do online assignments.

Automation in Industries

During earlier times goods were manufactured using human efforts but as time passes steadily and gradually advancement in technology begins to spread its roots which resulted in innovation in the working mode of industries and factories industrial. Automation and robotics are the use of computer control systems and information technology to handle industrial processes and machinery replacing manual labor and improving efficiency speed quality. Many top shoe brands have also implemented automation in the manufacturing of shoes. These brands also offer great discount offers at OffOnShoes.

Software Automation

Technology has replaced the work of humans from being working as labor to now tasks performed by a human using computer program.

Industrial Automation

This is the control of the physical process with machine and control system to automate industrial process robots are used in this type of physical automation however, all the technicalities are handled and looked after by human


These are the people who cut trees for earning profit but this profession is declining at a much faster pace. The top reason includes robots taking over their place in society, which is in a transitional state and moving towards becoming eco-friendly. The paper produced from trees become a source of top trash produced around the world to minimize the garbage created by papers, government is taking effective measures by giving incentive to recycling plants that will make paper usable again environmentalist is also pushing for a paperless future they are the view that paper usage should be replaced with better technology like a digital notebook.


The surge in the electric and internal combustion engine vehicle eliminated a whole other personal transport industry that used to run around horse and carriage lots of jobs were lost as a result but rather than declining in the automobile industry employment rate escalated and there was no net loss of jobs even though productivity per work grew on its early days.

The vehicle manufacturing industry also gives a boom to other associated workstreams in sale marketing and logistics.


Scientists are working day and night to bring ease to the life of people. They aim to reduce the men’s effort by substituting in their life concept of artificial intelligence and machine learning change is healthier for society because it’s has been believed that men because tedious and mundane if remain engaged in the non-dynamic.


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