How to Choose Strata Management Services for You.

Being the owner or a council member is a great responsibility. You have to take care of the complex problems of the property you own. You will require adequate guidance for communication and technical assistance. Due to the lack of time and resources, you would not be able to do the work efficiently.  Here, is where you require the strata management services. The strata management services specialize in these complex tasks.

Yes, it is critical to choose the right strata management service. But the question arises how?

How to Choose the Strata Management Services for Yourself?

Look Forward To the Quality of Service

When you are looking forward to strata management services, the comfort of the customer is mandatory. Look at the quality of services that they provide to their customers. You can make sure about it while interviewing them.

The service provider should have a friendly tone, reply to the phone calls and emails on time, and they should have assistants who are loyal to their work.

Do not forget to check the following checkpoints for quality service-

  1. The strata management services should be available at the time of need.
  2. They should keep automated voice messages to give timely service.

Before you sign up with any company for the strata management services, make sure to check the level where they stand in customer service. You can talk to past clients, to get a better understanding of customer service.


A good strata management service is one with experience. Experience matters in maintaining the development consultancy, accounting, and insurance. It helps your customers to feel confident that they are with a specialist. For many people strata are not their core business, rather a sideways way to increase the revenue. The experience of a specialist ensures that you are dealing with the best team, who are keen to work for you.

Therefore, check whether the experience is relevant for the services you need. For it, you can go through the strata schemes.

Look for Financial Transparency

To develop the bonding of trust and mutual respect the strata management services should maintain clear transparency in the finance area. But how to keep 100% transparency?

Clean Records 

Any strata management service should maintain systematic and excellent records of the finance department. Maintain the profiles of the clients regarding the communication, request, and payment from the clients. Also, this detail should be easily visible to the client.

Easy to Read Financial Statements 

A good strata management service has easy-to-read financial statements. You can depict a visual representation through graphs so that the transactions of the strata’s money are easy to understand. The detail should contain the record of every penny spent.

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Strata Insurance

The strata management services should offer insurance and premiums to maintain a trustworthy relationship with your clients.

Strata Budgeting  

The strata management service should make a realistic budget for people to invest in it.

Complete Registration

The strata management service company should have an office and legal documents.

Anti-Bribery Policy

A trustworthy strata management service manages the funds smartly. But what about bribery?

The strata management service you are opting for should have an anti-bribery policy. The rules should be strict enough to secure your money. The strata management should negotiate strict rules and regulations, so that no one bribes or messes up with the money.

Simpler Communication

In whichever strata management service you are investing, make sure that they offer simple and easy communication. You should be free to talk to them about everything. It includes accurate financial reporting, managing on-site operations, complying with the Strata Property Act, or returning owners’ phone calls promptly.  Communication is the key to an efficient management system. Do not forget that the communication should be discrete, open, and on time. A discrete communication is one where you share all the strata details with the company. In open communication, you should not hesitate to talk about your problem with the company manager. And most importantly, the communication should be timely.

Now, in modern times there is various software available for the strata management services to communicate and handle the documents. Therefore, technology can be a boost.

With this, we get our next point to look for.


Another important component to keep in mind is the technological advancements that the strata management services offer you. If your strata management is delivering the best technology to you then make sure that you choose it. In the huge variety of software for strata management services, choose the one that offers the following-

  1. Details about the transaction history.
  2. The direct transfer of payment from one bank account to the other.
  3. Provides you with prior notice about the schedule of your coming meetings.
  4. Helps you to send the service requests easily.
  5. Book amenity facility.
  6. Link multiple units with one single login.

This all can be done in single application software. Therefore, the strata management service can ask their technical team to develop such an application to boost the business.

Therefore, whenever you choose the strata management services for yourself. Do not forget to take care of the above points.

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