How To Download Instagram Profile Pictures In Full Size

Many features of Instagram attracted billions of people around the world. Mostly it is used for sharing pictures and videos. Few times when we are scrolling down the newsfeeds or exploring we come across some interesting profile pictures and like to take a look at them and a few times want to download them. Many users are searching for a realistic manner to zoom in on Instagram profile images or download the full version for varied purposes, including personal interest.

Now the question is how we can see someone’s full-size photo and download it. A very common problem in Instagram is whenever we upload a profile picture we need to crop it out in a square shape to get the limitation of pixels. It reduces the size of the picture and as well its quality.

People who are choosy about their followers sometimes become upset if they are unable to increase the cover photo to get a better sight of the visible face. But losing time requesting relatives or groups to assist you to define an unnamed viewer; use different websites to enhance the user experience. To download the full images there are many websites available that help Instagram users download Instagram Profile Pictures with help of InstaZoom.

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Why Download The Profile Pictures?

Many people have many objectives to download somebody’s profile picture using InstaZoom or any other website. When we chose our account privacy as private accounts it means we take control of our sharing details. It depends on the user how much he wants to share. But it becomes a problem for those who select social media platforms to find their friends because, with limited information on private accounts, it is hard to find them. It gets easier for us to identify the user by just a tiny hint from the cover photo.

You can take a peek at the image for hours, trying to pick out any distinguishing features, or you can search their username on InstaZoom Website. or any other downloading website to copy their photo and immediately get the full-size profile picture. You can also save it. Many users on social media try to avoid unknown followers because each friend request cannot be accepted. For this reason, we can take the help of an Instagram downloader and another website to make things simpler.

Whether you are looking for who recently sent you a follower request or you want to save your crush’s profile picture to your phone, InstaZoom makes it easy to do so.


InstaZoom is a website that allows you to download full-size Instagram Profile Pictures. Visit the Website and insert the Instagram user ID of the account whose cover photo you like to access. There is no need to include @ before the user ID. After finishing press submit. The user’s current profile picture will be displayed in full size below. Click the Download button to save the Instagram profile picture in its entirety to your computer.

Enlarge Instagram Profile Pictures is an Instagram Profile Picture downloader. I operate like that of the previously mentioned website. To download a full-size profile picture, simply enter the Instagram username of any Instagram user. After you’ve entered your username, click the View Picture button. The image will appear directly beneath the box. Then open the image in another tab and then by pressing right-click save it on your desktop

Insta Downloader

Insta Downloader is very helpful in downloading every aspect of Instagram profile picture but it also has multiple features which can help us with other Instagram issues. You must enter the profile URL here to download a profile’s profile picture. The profile URL consists of https://www.instagram.com/ followed by the Instagram username. On the website, there is also an example of this. After you’ve entered your profile URL, click the View Profile Pic button. The profile picture will take you to a new page. You can download the full-size image from there.

Gram Photos

Gram Photos is another website where you can download full-size Instagram profile pictures. By hitting the button here, you could save a picture to your desktop. This tool has the advantage of displaying the most popular and recently Enlarge Instagram profile pictures.

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