How to keep your car clean?

While it is easy to put off regular car cleaning, it is important to do so, because doing so not only keeps your car in excellent condition, it also helps prevent rust, and helps keep your auto running smoothly. There are many different types of car cleaners and cleaners, but the most common and inexpensive is dish soap. The best way to use dish soap is to spray it onto a cloth and wipe the dirt, dust, and oil away from the area you are cleaning. If you are applying a lot of pressure, make sure you take your time. Otherwise, you could scratch and damage the paint job.

10 Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean

Wash off the salt

Water is great for cleaning your car, but it does nothing for the salt that is still lurking on your car’s interior and exterior. The salt also makes your car slippery, so you have to be extra careful when driving. You might not even be able to see the salt on your car until it’s too late.

Don’t tailgate

The most important thing to remember when traveling is to never drive while intoxicated. Anytime you’re behind the wheel of a vehicle, you have the power to control its movements. That’s a lot of responsibility—and it’s for that reason that there are many laws in place designed to keep drunk driving from happening.

Use rubber mats inside

If you’re looking to protect your car’s interior from snow, ice, and other unwanted factors, you might be wondering how to keep car interiors clean. One of the best ways to keep your car interior clean is to use rubber mats in your car. Since rubber mats are inexpensive and easy to install, they are a great way to protect your car’s interior from spilled liquids and other causes of damage.

Get it waxed

Finding a car that has been well cared for but still has a few chips and scratches can be a daunting task. Especially if you’re not sure how to go about making the car even more appealing. (And you know what? A car that’s been well waxed can be a great-looking car, even if it has a few imperfections!)

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Wipe your windshield

Wiping your windshield is an important duty in car care and one that is easily done with a regular windshield wiper. But, there are times when you should consider a more thorough cleaning, like if you are going on a drive, or if you have been in the rain, or if you have been pulled over by police.

Protect your wheels

If you have purchased a new car recently, you’ll know that there’s one thing you really want to avoid: leaving any trace of your car in the wild. There are plenty of ways to ensure that your car remains unseen, but the most important one is to keep it clean.

Use heavy towels

I’ve been using heavy towels for the last couple of months and I have never washed them. They are so big, that they dry my car really fast and they can absorb a lot of water. I haven’t had to use my car any time lately because the towels do the job. They are also very good for drying up spills and messes in the kitchen.

Invest in mud flaps

Keeping your car clean is a pretty big deal. Not only does it make you look cool, but it makes your car safer. You probably want to impress other people that ride in your car and if you don’t wash it regularly, they’ll think they can touch their fingers to the door handles and the steering wheel and everything will be ok.

Inspect your car regularly

Many people will tell you that you shouldn’t wash your car until after it’s been through the winter, especially if it’s been in the snow. But, it turns out that this advice is wrong. The experts at TechHive say that it’s not only okay to wash your car before it’s completely snow-covered, but also to wash it a few times a month. So, here’s how to do it properly.

Park indoors

Parking your car in the wrong place can be a big source of frustration – especially when you have to perform a lot of small tasks like moving the vehicle or getting out of the car. It’s not a pleasant experience to have to get out of the car, open your trunk, and move all of your stuff manually every time you have to move the car.


As far as keeping my car clean goes, I’m going, to begin with, a discussion about the condition of my vehicle. I have a fairly new Honda Accord. I don’t know if you’ve driven one of these before, but it kind of feels like a shoe when you first climb into it. But, that’s not a bad thing, it’s actually a really good thing. The way I see it, a shoe is one thing we’re all going to be wearing sooner or later. It took me a while to get used to the feeling of my Honda, but it was worth it.

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