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How to overcome 8 college problem in student life? – Best Solutions

Are you a high school or college student? Do you have a college problem? Did your college problem have any mental, emotional, or physical consequences for you? What kinds of issues do college students face? What are the solutions to the college problem?
It is extremely difficult to live your life during your education. It is not for everyone, but it is difficult. School-age students face many challenges, from managing their time to covering their curriculum, but when they enter college, they face a slew of cruel problems and student issues.

College problems are extremely stressful and can lead to a variety of problems in students’ lives. Not every student is financially self-sufficient; not every student is a genius; and not every student is content. Similarly, not all students have the same social skills, and many students face various types of college problems.

Ways to overcome college problem

College students face numerous challenges, and this college issue must be addressed. There are various types of vulnerable students who face numerous college problems. So, I’m going to share with you some college problems and solutions.

First Problem
Choosing A Profession & Major:

The first problem that students face in college is deciding on a major and a profession. Many students are still unsure of their interests and dreams after graduating from high school. College students struggle to choose their subjects, and they also have difficulty deciding which college to attend due to a lack of proper education and career guidance.

Students must learn how to study effectively if they are to be successful in the future.


This college issue is solvable with proper guidance from teachers and parents. Many students are unaware that many fields have opportunities in this new generation. Many students are perplexed about which Major to pursue.

Making the right choice isn’t the most important thing, but making a choice and then proving it is.

Students should consider their interests and skills when deciding on a major. They should also record their fondness and passion. It will make it easier for them to choose a profession.

Second Problem
Financial Crisis:

The financial crisis is the second issue that students face in college. College students often struggle to meet their financial obligations. They face numerous challenges in managing their expenses. Most students do not have enough money to pay their dues and purchase new books or stationery. This is the most significant college issue that students face because they are not financially independent or have no resources. They have difficulty paying their tuition fees on time.


Students who face financial difficulties in college can avoid this problem by applying for scholarships and funds.
They can help you find part-time work so you can support yourself financially. They can save money by purchasing used books.

Part-time jobs can help you make college less of a burden. Students can pay their tuition fees with the money they earn from these jobs, and they can also gain experience for their resumes and CVs if the job is related to their subject.

Third Problem
Hostel Issues:

Another major issue that college students face is the high cost of hostels, which many students cannot afford. It is extremely difficult for them to find suitable and affordable housing. Even if many students find a place to live, they face numerous challenges. They have problems with their roommates because they don’t know them, and they also have issues with unhealthy food.

Living with a stranger is a terrifying experience for them because they have never left their home in their entire lives. College students struggle to find a room close to their college or university because they want to save money and time for travel.


To solve this college problem, students must choose a college while keeping hostel or accommodation issues in mind. After that, they should talk to their professors or seniors who live in hostels because they can direct them to the best and most affordable options. You can also find classmates willing to share their rooms with you.

And your classmates are the best choice for a roommate because you can communicate well with one another and share your ideas and subjects. Having a classmate as a roommate is very convenient because you will both have the same schedule and study together.

Fourth Problem
Time Management Issues:

One of the most common issues that students face in college is time management. College students are unable to manage their time effectively. They are unable to manage their time because, as we all know, they must arrive at college on time and then attend their lectures properly. College students must prepare for exams while also managing their study schedules. Time management is a difficult college problem for students who have a bad habit of sleeping late at night.


One of the problems that college students face is a lack of time management skills. College students must learn time management skills in order to manage their time and save time. In order to learn skills, they must first learn the most important skills for the workplace.

If they don’t want to be late in the morning, they must first improve their sleeping habits. Students must get up early, and an alarm clock can help them do so. They should also study every day in order to complete their syllabus, learn the daily topic on time, and always make a revision plan in order to solve this college problem. Students should stop putting off assignments and finish their presentations on time.

Fifth Problem
Syllabus Issues:

One of the issues and concerns of college students is completing their syllabus on time. Learn How should you prepare for your exam?

Many students struggle to accept the change in environment because everything changes when they transfer from school to college or university.

Their teachers have changed, and they now have new classmates with whom they are unfamiliar. College students face this issue when they are unable to comprehend the lectures and, as a result, fall behind in their studies. Indolent students face this college problem because they procrastinate their studying on time, resulting in difficulties covering their entire syllabus.


Students must study every day in order to overcome this college problem. Students must create a study plan at the start of college to avoid wasting valuable time. Planning ahead of time, even before exams, will greatly assist them and relieve a significant amount of burden from their shoulders. This way, they’ll know which subjects they excel at and which require tutoring or assistance. They should also plan their study schedule in order to cover the syllabus for exams.

Sixth Problem
Mental health & burden:

Many college students struggle with mental health issues as a result of the stress of college and even their parents. Students suffer from depression, which is a very common college issue because one out of every five students suffers from depression. Some students become stressed as a result of exam pressure, and they may experience general anxiety as a result of this pressure. Some students struggle with perfectionism, which is impossible to achieve, and as a result, they lack motivation. After failing an exam or quiz, students lose hope.

The most serious issue is that some students form shady friendships, which lead to addiction to substances such as cigarettes or powder drugs, which slowly and steadily destroy their mental and physical health.


Students must address this college issue if they believe that their mental health is undermining their confidence and decreasing their motivation on a daily basis. Students should discuss their mental health with their parents or peers. This will assist them in opening their hearts. Students who struggle with perfectionism must learn that it is okay and not a big deal if they receive low grades or submit poor assignments.

Students should learn and participate in therapy sessions on how to cleanse their minds of negativity.

Students who are under exam pressure should relieve their stress by communicating with others. Students who become addicted to substances should talk about it, and then they can try different therapies or go to a rehab center.

Seventh Problem

Bullying is another issue that many college students face. Students are frequently bullied by their seniors because they are chubby or have a swarthy complexion. Bullies call them many derogatory names, which hurts students’ feelings. Some students become so enraged and cruel to their juniors that they lose interest in attending college.

Many students are subjected to physical assault, emotional dependence, sexual assault, or conflict with other people, which leads to large fights among students. Bullying abuse leaves a deep wound in their hearts, and students begin to consider suicide. Exam pressure, family pressure, bullying, or body shaming are all factors that contribute to student suicides.


This college problem must be addressed first because it is affecting students’ mental health, and they are experiencing suicidal thoughts and identity crises.

Students who are bullied by others should report it to their teachers or the principal. As a result, their teachers will take action against the bullies, and those who have been abused will find peace. Students must be courageous in order to stand up for their rights, and they must also have the courage to complain about the assault they have suffered. Bullying and abuse are punishable by law, and bullies will face consequences.

Eighth Problem
Socializing Issues:

Students who are shy or introverted struggle with socializing in college. College students with interaction issues have very low self-esteem and confidence.

Some students experience emotional assertiveness and loneliness, as well as social anxiety as a result of poor social skills.

These students are extremely shy, and they avoid speaking in front of any audience, and they become overwhelmed when someone approaches them for a quick chat. Less interactive students face this college problem because they are afraid of many things and cannot make friends in their new environment due to poor communication skills. Introverted students have a difficult time forming new relationships.


Students must believe in themselves and push their self-esteem in order to be confident enough to talk and make friends. Students can try to solve this problem by first improving their communication skills, learning what effective communication skills are, and then attempting to converse with others. This college problem is critical, and it must be addressed first. Students should begin to build their confidence by learning how to boost their self-confidence in public speaking and become bold. To overcome their loneliness, they must begin making friends by trusting others, as well as improve social interactions and socializing.

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Ending Words

If you are a college student and are dealing with the problems listed above, I hope you find the strength to deal with them. If it is a significant burden for you, I recommend that you speak openly about your college situation and let everyone know what you are going through. I wish you happiness, and I know you can do it.



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