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How to study smart? – 12 best tips on How to study smart

Have you ever felt that your study habits are insufficient? Do you want to learn how to study effectively? Are you wondering what you can do to improve your performance in class or on an exam? Many students discover that their high school study habits are ineffective in college. This is understandable given the differences between high school and college, as well as the various college problems. Professors are less involved personally, classes are larger, exams are more valuable, reading is more focused, and classes are far more rigorous. That doesn’t mean you’re doing something incorrectly. You simply need to learn how to study effectively. That means you’ll need to improve your learning skills. Many active and efficient learning strategies, fortunately, have proven effective in college classrooms.

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It’s similar to What method did you use to learn to ride a bicycle? Maybe you took a few hours of lessons and then practiced a lot of cycling. In the same way, you can learn how to study smartly. Nobody is born with the ability to learn. You must first learn and then practice some learning skills. Why should you work on your learning skills? It helps you study and perform well in class, especially as you progress through middle and high school.

12 Best Tips on How to study smart

By actively learning how to study smart, developing effective study skills, and studying strategies, you can avoid the high-functioning anxiety, stress, and temptation that comes with writing exams. Whether you are in high school or college, mastering effective study techniques and learning how to study smart will help you achieve your academic goals. I’ve compiled a list of the top 12 study tips.

1. Use a variety of books

Because of class competition and time constraints, many students want to learn how to study smart. Every student wants to study effectively and learn the 7 study secrets. While studying for exams, students should read a variety of books.

Searching for related information will help them learn more quickly because they will have different interpretations and examples of the same topic. Those students in school learn the same subject and information from various books.

2. Learn through google

The best study tip is to learn how to study smart because it will help students succeed. In this modern age of social media and the internet, students must learn to study smarter, not harder. They should start learning from Google because it has all of the information they need. Searching for related content on Google to gain knowledge is an excellent idea. Students will benefit greatly from Google learning.

3. Watch related YouTube videos

If you are a student, you should know the best way to cover your syllabus for exams in order to score well. Because students have so many things to learn at the same time and cannot get tuition for every subject due to a lack of time, knowing how to study smart is the best way to score well in exams. They should watch YouTube videos related to their subject and learn from virtual teachers. Videos play an important role in learning and are an important part of the higher education system.

Many meta-analyses have demonstrated that technology can improve learning, and numerous studies have demonstrated that video is an effective educational tool.

Students who study on YouTube have a higher level of general knowledge than other students in their class.

4. Study multiple subjects rather than just one

When it comes to students, multitasking is not always considered a good thing, but it is a good idea to study multiple subjects in a day rather than just one. When you continue to study the same subject, you become bored and exhausted because the subject irritates you. That is why, by dividing your total time, it is preferable to study two to three subjects in a single day.

A study (Rohrer.2012) found that studying different subjects every day to keep yourself focused is more effective and beneficial than deep diving into only one subject.

So, the smartest study tip is to study multiple subjects in a single day.

5. Make your handwritten notes

Students may become stressed during exam time due to the large number of books and journals they must read. So, the brilliant tip on how to study smart is to take notes and write everything down in an easy format.

Students who take notes know how to write answers in exams in order to get good grades. A good student understands how to make your assignment look appealing and neat.

6. Takes your tests

After a study session, many students want to know how much they have learned. Testing yourself after studying is a great way to study smart. Students who self-test have better learning abilities than others.
Many studies have shown that self-testing is essential for students who want to improve their academic performance.

In an experiment, University of Louisville psychologist Keith Lyle taught statistics to two groups of students. He instructed the first group to administer a quiz of 4 to 7 questions at the end of each lecture. He also did not give any quizzes to the second group. The results revealed that the first group outperformed the second in the midterm exams.

So, taking tests after each study session is a great idea, and it will also teach you how to cram for an exam in a week.

7. Try to make your concepts clear

When studying, a smart student always makes his concepts clear. It is the best and most clever study technique. Instead of memorizing every word of the lecture, students who learn their lessons with concepts and understand the meaning of everything will become very bright students.

Clearing concepts entails clearing the mind of all confusion. Students who learn concepts understand how to study quickly without forgetting and how to clear their minds of any confusion.

8. Read loudly when you are memorizing

It is said that when you read aloud, nearly three of your human senses focus. You can see what you’re reading, hear what you’re saying, and have heard every sentence of your lesson.
If you want to learn how to study smart, you should read aloud while studying because it will help you remember things without forgetting them. This will also boost your self-confidence in public speaking as a student, as well as your self-esteem.

Students who know they are correct and display confident body language are thought to have higher emotional intelligence than other students.

9. Remove all the distractions

If you want to learn how to study smart, you must first learn how to study effectively. The best way to improve focus and concentration is to eliminate all distractions that may cause you to lose concentration while studying. Turning off all digital distractions will allow you to concentrate on your studies and learn more in that time.

You can turn off your phone and even delete some social media apps for a short period of time, and then reinstall them after exams. The best student understands how to interact and socialize with others, as well as effective communication skills. He also has excellent listening skills, making him a notable and outstanding student.

10. Use the SQ3R method to study smartly

Students who want to learn how to study efficiently and smartly should use the SQ3R method. During the survey, students scan the test and take notes on headings, graphs, and other notable items. Following the survey, students should write and ask questions about what they have just surveyed and what they want to know more about.

Following that, they should carefully read the text while keeping their questions in mind. Then recite it in your vocabulary to help students improve their vocabulary. The final step is to go over everything you’ve learned and try to answer the questions. This method will help students focus on important information and learn more than the traditional method.

11. Make a study plan and follow it

If students want to learn how to study smart, they must divide their study time, take their quizzes, and practice other good skills. However, many people do not do these things. In many cases, they are unable to plan. Also, try to maintain the routine.

“Make a research plan and stick to it!” McDaniel explained. He recently investigated why students do not use good learning skills with Gilles Einstein, a psychologist at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina. According to their findings, many students are aware of these abilities. However, they frequently fail to plan when to put them into action. Even if the student makes a plan, something more appealing may emerge. It has been said that studying should be prioritized.

It has been said that studying should be prioritized. On July 23, the team published a report in Psychology Perspectives. Determine when and where you will study and learn. At first, it may appear strange. Take a quick break. Set the timer for 25 minutes. Study without interruption during this time. Take a 5- or 10-minute break or exercise when the timer runs out. Take a look at your phone or drink some water—anything will do. The timer should then be reset.

12. Eat and drink well to maintain your health

If you want to learn how to study smart, you should eat, exercise, and drink well. Although you may believe that you drink enough water, studies show that up to 75% of people are chronically dehydrated. Dehydration is bad for your brain, and it also has a negative impact on your exam results.

Improve your physical health by exercising regularly. It’s also extremely beneficial to your brain. Various studies have shown that it improves your memory, and brain functions reduce the incidence of depression, aids in the prevention of diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and osteoporosis, improves your sleep quality, and reduces stress to make you feel better and naturally teach you the habits of happiness. Exercising allows you to stop overthinking and find inner peace.


If you want to learn how to study smart, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you understand the significance of studying.

Q: How do you study Smart in high school?

Take careful notes in class and record your lectures. It saves you time while also improving your high school learning skills. When you take notes, you process the information the first time you hear it, making it easier to remember. There are many enjoyable activities for us, but we frequently avoid them for various reasons. It’s a good idea to schedule and stick to your goals, whether they’re for exercise, chores, studying, or anything else.

Q: What is the best method to study?

When you know what you’re going to study, you can study more effectively. Make a proper timetable, organize your study materials, and eliminate all distractions in order to focus on a specific topic. Do not rely on others to teach you; instead, enroll in appropriate classes, attend all lectures, and take detailed notes. You can study more effectively if you have everything arranged and organized.

Q: How can I study smart every day?

You can study smartly every day by attending classes on time and paying close attention to your teacher. Pay attention in class and ask questions if you get stuck. Prepare your notes on a regular basis and revise them on a daily basis. You can study more effectively this way.


It is simple to learn how to study smart if you are willing to put in the effort. Concentrate on your work and motivate yourself to study and pass your exams. Hopefully, the methods listed above will assist you in learning and studying more effectively.


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