How You Can Monetize Your Instagram Account And Earn Money In 2022

Most of us spend so much time perfecting our personal Instagram that the idea of Instagram monetization entices us more than we would like to admit! However, your soul-sucking job is probably exhausting you so much that you hardly have any time left for social media. Moreover, who quits a full-time ‘real’ job to actively pursue a social media career?

The truth is we are living in a new world, a digital Renaissance of sorts. Today, quitting an ordinary desk job for a creative new age source of income is not that uncommon. With influencer marketing making successful entrepreneurs out of college students, making money on social media is on everyone’s mind!

How You Can Monetize Your Instagram Account And Earn Money In 2022

How Can You Monetize Your Instagram in 2022?

Instagram monetization is not as easy as it seems to be on the surface. But with proper dedication and time, you know you could have it all. So, scroll down to find out how you can make some money on Instagram in 2022!

1) Get Sponsored By Brands

One of the most popular ways of Instagram monetization is by getting sponsored by brands for creating brand-oriented content. For instance, if your newsfeed features outdoor-related content, adventure gear companies can sponsor you to post content featuring their gears. So how do you get sponsored on Instagram?

In many cases, you might come under the radar of brands and get approached without trying. However, that’s not the situation in most cases. So, you can always focus on consistently creating content that’s original, relevant, and engaging. Aim towards working with brands you believe in because Influence is a powerful weapon, and you should never forget that.

Additionally, seeking out service is also not a bad idea. After all, desperate times call for desperate measures. While services like Aspire help influencers manage their brand relationships, marketplaces like The Mobile Media Lab connects influencers with partners.

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2) Become An Affiliate

The marketing strategy behind affiliate marketing is quite enticing when you look at its success in the past five years. Affiliate marketing involves working as brand ambassadors and promoting products to earn commissions from each sale. As an affiliate marketeer, you can effortlessly enjoy the benefits of Instagram monetization.

How You Can Monetize Your Instagram Account And Earn Money In 2022

In order to become an affiliate marketeer, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Visit your search engine and type the name of the product accompanied by the words ‘become an affiliate.’ This will help you find out whether the product has affiliate opportunities.
  • Sign up as an affiliate if your selected product has the affiliate marketing option. If the option is not available, you can also start at places like Amazon Affiliate and ClickBank.
  • Remember to use the unique link or code in your content. Every affiliate has a unique code or link. Every time someone purchases the product with your code or link, you will earn a certain percentage as commission.

3) Sell Your Own Products

You have two options if you plan to sell your products through Instagram story, feed, and other features.

  • Create your own store
  • Dropshipping

Let’s discuss both the alternatives for Instagram monetization in this case.

Creating a store on Instagram and selling digital or physical products is a great money-making alternative. These products could either be a part of the content you post or be the content itself – some people like to mix it up while others simply roll with a more holistic approach.

For instance, visually attractive products or services like digital art will work well. Creating and running a store is a lot of work, but the returns are several if executed well. However, you can always sign up with a manufacturer and create a dropshipping store instead!

Dropshipping stores will help you save time and effort because you don’t need to think about production, inventory, or even shipping. Instead, think of yourself as a social media manager working out the perfect marketing strategy for your store. Sounds fun, right?

4) Start A Video Streaming Service

One of the most lucrative methods of Instagram monetization in 2022 is through launching a video streaming service on Instagram. You can easily promote this venture on your Instagram story, feed, and even through reels or IGTVs. Are you wondering how this works? It’s a simple process.

How You Can Monetize Your Instagram Account And Earn Money In 2022

When your followers are already engaging well with your feed, why not create a paid subscription for them to access your exclusive content? Industry experts say that 5 to 10 percent of IG followers convert into loyal, paying subscribers. So, think about it – there’s so much you can do!

For instance, if you are a social media manager, you can create exclusive content that will help brands, amateur marketers, and even potential social media managers to subscribe to you. Not only does this help many people earn a stable income monthly, but it also gives creators control over their futures.


The marketing vs advertising debate has gone on for several years, but in the case of Instagram monetization, the discussion ceases to exist. Advertising on Instagram is a vital part of any brand’s marketing strategy making the debate redundant, at least in this case. Nevertheless, the platform is on the rise, and it would be foolish to avoid it.

There are going to be days when you might just give up on marketing your IG life, but that’s where most people make mistakes. You can’t just stop one day. A good Instagram with paying capabilities needs consistent effort and time. In the absence of this, there’s no way you can use the platform for making money.

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