Investing in gold coins online and adding glimmer to your portfolio

Gold is an enduring investment vehicle that is not just a source for growing your wealth but also to hedge your investment portfolio against market uncertainties, currency devaluation, and conserving wealth over a long period. Gold has established its position as being the choice instrument for storing wealth over the long term and passing it on as an heirloom. Whether it is in the form of jewelry, bullion, or non-physical gold forms like bonds from gold mining companies or exchange-traded funds, there are many ways to buy gold. With easy access to the internet and secure online transaction and shipping options, one can also shop for gold coins online from reputed dealers.

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Investors love gold

According to Juan Carlos Artigas, director of investment research at the World Gold Council, returns, liquidity, and low correlations, make gold a highly effective diversifier. Gold prices move in an opposite direction from US Dollar and the stock market. That is when the stock market is down or US Dollar value is down, gold prices are up, and vice versa. Gold has outperformed stocks and bonds in the long-term, though in the short-term gold may not beat their prices. Gold assets such as gold coins can be easily liquidated for cash with any coin dealers online or offline.

A well-diversified investment portfolio will have a gold component as a part to hedge the investment against any major setbacks.

Shopping for bullion gold from coin dealers online

When you enter search keywords for buying gold coins online from coin dealers, the top results will most likely be trusted vendors offering investment-grade bullion, gold coins, collectible gold pieces, and other precious metals coins and bars. Since you are shopping online, you have the choice to browse through the catalogs of multiple dealers, see the products they have to offer, compare premium and shipping rates, and then make your purchase. The benefit of shopping from a reputed dealer who is recognized by the US Mint is that one can resell the gold coins to them whenever the markets are favorable.

Reputed coin dealers online have a well-designed website with easy navigation and streamlined categories with apt filters to make browsing easy. One can set categories by weight, gold coins, brand names, etc. You can check the product image, read the product details and reviews before adding it to the cart. Once you checkout you can choose your desired payment option (by card, cash on delivery, or others) and make the payment. Generally, once the checkout process starts, the price is locked in a short period of 10 to 15 minutes. If the purchase is not completed in that time, one may see the price adjusted up or down based on the market movement. After the purchase is complete, you will get shipping details and a soft copy of the bill on your registered email account.

Is it safe to buy gold coins from coin dealers online?

Online shopping of gold is as safe as conducting online banking transactions if you are dealing with a reputed company. The best coin dealers online use SSL encryption and are PCI compliant. Also, all their shipments are insured to their full value. Apart from the coin dealers, it is also important to ensure that one shops for coins that are minted from reputed brands. Ensure that the coin is being sold in the proper assay package and carry all the requisite markings of authenticity such as the brand name, purity of the coin, weight of the gold coins, unique ID number, denomination in certain gold coins, and year of issue.

Spotting reliable coin dealers online

The important point about reliable coin dealers online is that they are selling gold coins online with assay packages intact and from reputed mints worldwide. Most coin dealers also sell numismatic gold coins, but unless you are assured of the authenticity of the dealer it is inadvisable to shop from them. A reputed coin dealer will always sell the gold coins at the day’s commodity market spot price plus a premium. If the premium is very high or the price of the gold is high, then it is possible that the dealer is not genuine.

Always be careful when trading online.

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