Issuance of e-Passport to Overseas Pakistanis

In today’s age of digital technology, almost every aspect of human life is connected to the world of the internet and it is also essential for the economic development of countries in the present times. That is why governments around the world are spending their resources in the field of IT. In this context, the decision of the federal government to issue e-passports from next year will save the time of the passengers, will eliminate the hassle of waiting in long queues, and will also facilitate the documentary travel process at the airport.

The meeting, chaired by Home Minister Sheikh Rashid, was informed about this important decision which would help in removing all the hurdles in the existing manual system and make it easier for Pakistanis living abroad to process online applications in less time. Completion of boarding cards, immigration will enable faster access to passenger planes. An E-passport or a biometric passport is fitted with a microchip-like smart ID card which contains all the basic information of the passport holder. Passports are being used worldwide for instant passenger identification and verification. It is to be noted that work is underway at the government level for the issuance of e-passport in Pakistan since the beginning of this year. It has been decided to start this facility from next year. It is hoped that in 2022, Pakistani citizens will also be able to avail this facility and avoid the long process of identification at airports.


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