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Mental Health Relates to Physical Health



Our emotions, psychological and social behavior are mainly controlled by our mental health. Mental health has a great impact on our thinking and our actions. The mental health of a child is as important as the mental health of an adult. If anybody has mental health. His thinking and social life will be adversely affected. Different factors have been involved that control our mental health, emotion, and our social life. Some of these factors are biological factors for example our brain chemistry and some others are different life experiences. Another major factor in mental health is the family history of that person.

Mental Health relates to Physical Health


There are many mental diseases, some of them are called neuropsychiatric disorders. Such disorders almost account for 14% of all diseases all around the world. Alcohol consumption could be the reason for mental health issues. We should solve these mental health issues.

Background Information:

There could be mental health issues that show some symptoms. Mental health issues may lead to change in eating habits. Anyone can feel low energetic if he has some mental issues. The problem is that people who have mental health issues feel ashamed to discuss these mental health issues. If anyone’s mental health is being compromised, this person will be unable to give his 100% in his work. His capabilities could get adversely affected. Major problem is that mental health issues are not addressed as much as our physical health issues get addressed. Mental health is as important as physical health. But most people don’t pay attention to mental health. Mental health illness could be found in anybody regardless of who you are? What is your age? So, there is no shame if anybody has mental issues. But the problem is that these mental health issues should get addressed. There are many types of mental illness. Some mental health issues are not severe, abnormal fears are examples of such mental health issues. But some are so severe, in these conditions, patients need to be treated properly in a mental hospital. Sometimes, some mental problems are treatable, while some are preventable. Some mental issues are related to medical conditions, while some are related to thyroid conditions. As we know in backward areas people having mental issues may express mental health conditions differently.

There are multiple ways to treat mental illness. By looking at symptoms doctors decide about the treatment of patients. Sometimes, some symptoms are so severe that they can cause distress and affect the patient’s lifestyle. Such patients can be cured through psychotherapy, medication, and many other treatments. Medication and therapy are used collectively to get more efficient results. Self-help and support can be very helpful for someone in the recovery phase of mental illness. Changing in daily routine, nutrition, proper sleep, and physical exercise can also be helpful in such patients. Psychiatrists and many other health clinics also help individuals to recover from their mental health issues. Antidepressants, anti-anxiety medication, antipsychotic medication are also used for treatment in some cases. For awareness of mental health issues, mental health first aid is a public education course that is designed just to aware and warn people of different risk factors of mental health issues. In this course, they can learn how someone can help a person in mental health crises.


Mental health issues should be treated because these issues can lead to physical health problems as well. If anyone has such issues, he should consult a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists can help people to recover from these issues. This research covers mental health issues and how we can solve these issues.



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