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Do you need a quick and easy way to collect orders for your business? IntelyForms creates secure and straightforward online order forms with payments. IntelyForms’ free online order form templates are powerful and precise to customize.

It’s a fantastic way to take the money and obtain client information securely. Start using intelyForms today.

What is an online order form?

Customers place orders and make payments on order forms to acquire products and services from suppliers. The order form collects information regarding the order as well as contact information.

Customers can place orders online with quantities and options using IntelyForms configurable order forms.

Restaurant menu items, church donations, small business products, and services, or t-shirts from an e-Commerce store are just a few examples. With intelyForms, creating an online order form takes simply a few minutes.

What is an online order form with payments?

Receipts for items, services, subscriptions, and donations are collected. Connect effective payment methods like Square, PayPal, and Stripe to bespoke online forms with payments. No coding is required, and there are no additional transaction fees.

Customize any free order form templates to match your specific business requirements – no need to know how to code. Our drag-and-drop Order Form Creator can easily change everything from fonts and colors to background images.

How to create an online order form with a payment option:

  • Select an order form tool.
  • Choose the fields for your order form.
  • Get your payment processing system up and running.
  • Make your order form unique by personalizing it and branding it.
  • Create a confirmation page for consumers to see after placing an order.
  • Release your order form.

Best practices for creating online order forms: 

Order forms have their own set of best practices and the ones described above. Use these pointers to simplify the ordering process, decrease errors, and keep your present and potential clients pleased.

  • Reduce and simplify:

Keep your order form as straightforward as possible while collecting all of the information you’ll need to do the job. As a result, shorter, concise, and primary order forms convert more frequently.

  • Sort your fields from easiest to most difficult:

People’s buy-in grows when they do small activities toward a more significant objective, making them more likely to keep going even as the tasks get more complicated.

As a result, do not request credit card details initially—request basic information such as your name and email address.

  • Include product descriptions on your order form: 

Including product descriptions on your order form will assist users in staying focused on the work at hand. Use product photographs, titles, sizes, and quantities, as well as any other relevant information.

  • Cut down on unnecessary work:

Never ask a potential customer or donor to put in more effort than they have to. A perfect example, when a form user’s shipping and billing address are the same, add a checked Checkbox labeled ‘same as shipping’ before the billing address.

If they uncheck the box, the blank things appear to collect a different billing address.

  • Should be optimized your order form’s labels:

The form field’s label is the question above, advising the form visitor what to fill out. Owners of forms should make these labels as short and to-the-point as possible, such as “mobile” instead of “mobile phone number.”

Make your order form mobile-friendly by following these steps:

  • Because so much of what happens online happens on mobile devices, it’s necessary to think about the issues that come with smaller screens.
  • To reduce scrolling, divide long forms into smaller pages.
  • Keep in mind that complicated object kinds can be challenging to work with on a small screen.
  • Avoid using huge images that take a long time to load.
  • Include a QR code with your order form and utilize it via email or social media whenever you send it out.

Consider the following to make your order form more mobile-friendly:

  • Have a clear policy on privacy:

Establish and adhere to privacy policies for visitor email addresses and other personal data. “We are serious about privacy,” for example. We pledge never to sell or give away any information about our customers.”

  • Users can manage communications:

Customers should not add email lists, promotions, or bulletins without permission. Instead, add a Checkbox item with the option “Agree to receive emails” rather. When the answer is correct, then it is utilized to send emails.

  • Have a great CTA:

For order form conversions, a solid call to action is critical. For example, make a button with bright colors and precise movement, such as “Donate Now,” “Buy,” or “Request Service.”

  • Optimize your Success Page: 

After submitting your order form, the Success Page should do more than say “Thank you.” Instead, consider putting the Order Summary on the Success Page as a receipt on order forms.

Your Success Page may also link respondents to a landing page on your website, depending on your objectives. Visitors can move to a page on your website that contains content related to their order choices.

Based on their responses, form owners can create several paths using copies of Success Pages and page rules.

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Benefits of Online Order Forms with payment:

  • We have a variety of order form templates to pick from:

The online order form you require may be already in our template library. To personalize the form to match your brand, click the “download this form” link and use our drag-and-drop editor.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for in our template library, start with a blank form and fill it with items using the form editor.

  • No coding knowledge is required to embed order forms on your website:

Each order form has its own Embed Code, which forms owners can copy and paste into their site’s code or use an HTML widget to display. In addition, customers, service requesters, and funders add opt-in to email marketing lists.

To add email addresses to your lists, use our Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and Zapier integrations. In addition, form owners can use the Results Filters to limit who can opt-in to marketing lists, newsletters, promotions, and more.

  • Built-in payment integrations: 

Simplify the checkout process using PayPal, Stripe, or as payment processors. Collect payments or donations from customers using credit cards, checks, financial applications, and other methods.

Calculate the order, incorporate promotional codes, calculate tax amounts, and more with our order form tools.

We encrypt data at all times, both throughout the form submission process and in the database at rest. Allow safe access to results by using two-factor authentication and sub-users.

  • To create a custom workflow procedure, provide data to other services:

Form owners can link to other web services using our built-in connections. Salesforce, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Microsoft One Drive, and others are examples. Our Zapier integration also allows you to connect to tens of thousands of different websites.

  • To connect forms and pass data, use our Workflow tools:

Workflow is ideal for forms that require follow-up, option selection, approvals, and upsells.


An online order form with payment is helpful to track, manage, and fulfill customer requests for merchandise or services. It could be a tabular piece of paper or a custom-designed web form with advanced capabilities, such as online payment.

If you want to make your order form with payment, you may use the intelyForms form builder to customize and format it to your specifications fully. Use one of our free online order forms with payment templates to get started!

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