Pakistani Students Share Their Back to School Experiences

Several Pakistani students shared their experiences as they prepared to head back to school in the coming weeks. From which courses they’re most excited about to what food they look forward to eating while there, these are some of the things that are on their minds as they prepare to return to the classroom. The following students will share with you more about their upcoming back-to-school experiences and, in the process, tell you about themselves too!

Back-to-School Fears

There’s a reason why, when we’re all kids, our first day of school can feel overwhelming and nerve-wracking. Between starting new classes, learning new classmates’ names, and meeting teachers for who knows how long — it’s no wonder why the first day of school jitters is an age-old phrase that has stuck with generations of children.

Homework & Exam Anxiety

Of course, there are many things involved in going back to school, but according to one recent survey, over 60% of Pakistani students say they’re stressed about exams and schoolwork. In today’s post, we asked a few students what tips and tricks they have for handling exam stress. If you have any of your own, let us know in a comment below!

Tying up Loose Ends Before Leaving

As students and parents prepare for school, many are working on finalizing financial aid paperwork. Navigating college finances can be tricky, especially if you’re relying on a scholarship or other aid requiring specific documentation, such as tax forms or transcripts. To ensure you have what you need before heading back to campus, regularly review your scholarship and student portal accounts in August; don’t leave anything untied (or unprinted) at home. It’s also good to make sure your expected family contribution (EFC) is accurate and up-to-date since federal aid won’t pay for more than a certain percentage of your tuition.

Tips For The First Day of School

Getting back into a school routine can be difficult, but you’ll make your first day of class more enjoyable if you prepare properly. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep and have eaten breakfast before heading off to the course. It will help you be ready for school and prevent issues with hunger and fatigue during your first few classes. Bring your textbooks with you and check to see that they match what is on your syllabus. If there are any differences, don’t stress—you have plenty of time during orientation and registration to change things like booklists.

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What do you think?

As students enter into a new school year, they have several things on their minds. For Pakistani students, back-to-school season means one thing: scholarship season. Since students and parents may not be familiar with how scholarships work in Pakistan, we’ve compiled a list of resources Pakistani families can turn to when looking for ways to cover tuition and related fees: 1) Keep an eye out for available scholarships on your student portal.


From Pakistan and beyond, the next generation of students are using student portals to share their back-to-school experiences. Many share lessons they learned while studying in classrooms and through life experiences. Others offer tips on how others can make it to their goals by following a path that works for them. Pakistani students now have an opportunity to connect with like-minded people around the world as they plan out their new school year. Whatever you’re planning on doing, be sure that you take care of yourself first to take care of those who depend on you. Be good to yourself in both body and mind to be great for your family and community later down the road!

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