Rewards Of Quran Memorization

Every Muslim knows that Allah SWT has promised numerous spiritual rewards and blessings to those who memorize the Quran. These benefits have been mentioned in a number of hadiths, like this, a person who recites the Quran and masters it by heart will be with the great upright scribes, the Prophet (saw) remarked

Quran memorization online provides numerous multiple health benefits, ranging from mental to physical, in addition to spiritual benefits and rewards. Insha’Allah, here is a list of some health rewards you can gain by memorizing the Quran.

Rewards Of Quran Memorization

Improve Your Memory

Evidence shows that memorizing the Quran online can boost an individual’s IQ. Any Hafiz would tell you that they have a better memory now than they had before memorizing the Quran. Hifz stimulates the brain and improves its ability to function. The notion is similar to “brain training” for improving intellect, but without the levity.

Rise and recite

According to the Quran, a person will be requested to recite the Quran on the Day of Judgment. They will ascend the Heavens as they begin reciting, and after they have done so, they will come to a halt at Jannah. Consider the heights to which a person who has memorized the whole Quran has ascended

Gain a reward for Your Parents

Not only will you be rewarded handsomely, but so will your parents. When children recite the Quran and follow its precepts, Allah SWT offers their parents bright crowns and gorgeous clothing in Jannah. You will never be able to thank our parents for all they have done for us. But what a wonderful privilege it is to be the reason for our parents’ increased Akhirah rank.


Learn about the Deen

Memorizing the Quran’s words does not bring an understanding of the Deen in and of itself; nevertheless, it does create a firm basis for it. And when memorizing is combined with comprehension of the Quran’s meaning, our understanding is only enhanced. What a great thing it would be if you could do that, even if Arabic isn’t our first language.

Make Your Salah Perfect

Many Sahaba have related how the Prophet SAW increased the duration of his Salawat in order to be closer to Allah. Salah is frequently lengthened by the recital of lengthy Surahs. A person who just doesn’t know much about the Quran might follow the Prophet SAW’s Sunnah by extending his or her prostrations and doing dhikr. Long Qiyam, on the other hand, may be attained by learning more Quran to recite in Salah.

Quran Memorization help you relax and feel better

A lack of memory and organization can lead to a stressful existence, whether it’s at school, work, or online. Because remembering helps your brain to enhance memory capacity, it can help you become more organized and reduce stress in your life.

Stress is connected to a range of health issues, including cardiovascular disease, obesity, anxiety, and depression, as all Muslims are aware. As a result, lowering our stress levels can help us improve our well-being. Simultaneously, merely decreasing your stress levels enhances your memory and has a domino effect, increasing the favorable effects.


Some Ways to Quran Memorization Online

Find a Quran Tutor online

It is the teacher’s responsibility to assist their students in such a manner that they not only recite it correctly but also understand the Quran and hadith rules. At this time, memorizing the  Quran with an Online Quran Instructor who can help you in your leisure time at home with a flexible time schedule is an easy approach to receive aid from a qualified teacher.

Pre-recorded courses can help you memorize the Quran online

Online Quran pre-recorded classes are another common Way of eLearning Quran. This style of Quran education is based on self-learning, in which students pick their own study time, location, and pace. It’s also thought to be a wonderful way to learn the Quran online quickly

Make a plan to memorize the Quran online

You should set a daily or monthly goal for yourself to remember a certain number of passages. The collection of verses will fluctuate depending on the learner. However, once a decision is made, it must be followed consistently. You must ensure that you are memorizing the lines perfectly and that you are not making any mistakes. If you are unable to do so flawlessly, you should lower your aim and memorize the Quran online according to your needs.

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