Role of Technology in Helping Fastest-Growing Industries

When men started to think critically, innovatively and out of the box they discovered and invented variable ways to bring ease to an individual life take an example of our planet there was an option for commuting which were non-motorized in contrast to it now traveling has become super easy you can go to any part of the world using sources works on the electrical and mechanical principle’s considering this can’t we say technology has brought significant alterations in commuting industries.

Technology itself has gone through different phases technology we are using today was not part of the people who were our ancestor’s first industrial revolution used water and steam power to mechanize production then led to a surge in production, the second used electric power to power machines 3 uses the technology of electric and information to automate production

Several industries came into existence after a boast in technological advancement including;

1. E-commerce Industries

It is the buying and selling of goods and services over the internet using sources like computer phones and tablets, this industry has allowed those people who can’t afford to buy space for running their business now taking your business online will help you in expanding it to more customer. And one can do it from the comfort of their home the surge in the use of e-commerce platforms happened when the pandemic hit the world during that time this industry turned out to become a blessing for people. people found it easy to shop from this platform from paying to selecting goods everything and getting savings through platforms like FashionSaviour and RedeemOnLving was so easy that people find it more convenient to buy the particular product of their own choice from these leading platforms.

2. Social Media Industries

The social media industry has revolutionized how the world communicates to consume news technology has narrowed down the communication gap all the people are have become so socially integrated through connection by different social media apps including Facebook WhatsApp.

Social media has enjoyed staggering growth over the last decade Facebook for example had approximately more than 1M users 12 years ago but now more than a billion people from around the world use the social media app to get connected socially with other people globally the number of social media user has more than double since 2010 to over 2 billion and is expected to reach nearly 3 billion by 2022.

3. Automobile Industry

Technology brought significant changes in the working principle of the automobile from using conventional sources to get adapted to electrical and mechanical we all have seen technological advancement without eye day after day companies and firms are working hand by glove to make the commute more efficient and save

Considering the recent surge in the temperature many companies are framing Policies to use renewable resources as their fuel Tesla motor is leading among others tesla has introduced many cars which work on charging the battery electric power, power it to move Tesla car is eco-friendly.

  • Employment Opportunities

Tech-based companies also bring a plethora of job opportunities from engineering work to managing the firm it includes a diverse group of people who through brainstorming and mutual discussion pay their part to bring more revolutionary changes in technology.

4. Medical Industry

The average life span of people has surged in compare to the people living some 3 centuries ago there are several reasons could be cute it includes working condition of people have improved b, disease which was fatal during our ancestors time has been effectively coped due to the technological advancement in the medical field.

  • Anesthesia

There is no doubt that surgeries save a life it is unlikely to be a surprise to you that the more complex the surgery the longer the operation takes times. operation considered relatively commonplace today would have been regarded impossible if anesthesia had not been introduced in the field of biochemical.

  • Insulin

Diabetes is a serious but well-controlled disease advances in treatment such as insulin injection plays a big role in fixing some of the molecular problems that are associated with diabetes.

  • Biotechnology

It is the technology that utilizes biological organisms including their part to develop or create a different product.

  • Biodiesel

It is produced mainly in the European Union countries by combining vegetable oil or animal fat with alcohol biodiesel can be blended with traditional diesel fuel or burned in its pure form in a compression ignition engine its energy content is sometimes less than that of diesel but it is eco-friendly.

  • Gene Therapy

Holds the most promising answer to the problem of genetic disease gene therapy is used to treat genetic disorders usually by the insertion of a correct gene for the inactive or defective gene into an individual with the help of vectors such as retrovirus and adenovirus.

The normal gene replaces the defective gene or inactive gene and Carrie’s out its function effectively it has the most chance of permeant cure if introduced in the earliest stage of life.

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5. Agriculture Industry

It plays an important role in the growth of the country it fulfilled the eatable demand of people, people in the past conventionally used to carry-out farming but later on technological advancement in the agriculture sector has opened gates of opportunities for farmers, from preventing the attack of locust to surging up the production every aspect is covered in advance technique.

  • Farm Automation

It refers to the efficient and automated production of crops using the technology of robotics companies are working to develop drones’ autonomous tractors for automatic watering and seeding robots’ primary goal of their technology covers easier and mundane tasks.

  • Livestock Farming

Technology has also already spread its root in livestock farming it has enhanced improved the productivity, capacity welfare, and management of animals and livestock the concept of connecting cows is a result of more and more dairy herds being fitted with sensors to monitor health and increase productivity putting an individual wearable sensor on cattle can keep track of daily activity and health-related issues while providing data-driven insight for the entire herd.

Final words

Innovation in any field is evidence that people are working days by day to make the life of people more easy and comfortable technology is not within boundaries it is burgeoning and expanding those countries which will take the advantage of technology will elevate to the top position become tech superpower controls other countries because always sharp and the first-mover rules the world.

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