Some Most Liked Features of Stanhope House

In the United Kingdom, Portsmouth is one of the destinations where you can witness a wide range of international students in every session. The University of Portsmouth is one of the most popular universities in the nation.

Besides, Portsmouth offers accommodations according to the expectations of the present-day students. In these accommodations, you find the arrangement for the studies. Moreover, the places of accommodations also take care of the fun activities of the students. In addition, the students can also take care of their health due to the availability of the fitness facilities.

One of the popular names among the places for student accommodation Portsmouth is Stanhope House. This place contains a number of facilities as well as comfortable ensuite rooms and studios for the students.

Here, you will know why this is one of the perfect destinations for the students to stay.

Premium Quality Luxury Ensuite Rooms

Some Most Liked Features of Stanhope House

If you want to get a superior quality luxury ensuite room then it can be the right destination for your stay. There are different varieties of student rooms available here among which you can choose the right one according to your requirements. There are three types available among which you can select.

  • Classic Ensuite
  • Deluxe Ensuite
  • Premium Ensuite

In all these types of ensuite rooms, the students find a wide range of facilities. The study is an utmost requirement of the students when they are in Portsmouth for university education. Therefore, a set of study chairs and tables is one of the types of study arrangements you can find on the property.

Moreover, after shifting to their rooms, the students need a place where they could transfer their clothes from their suitcases. A wardrobe is offered to the residents for this purpose.

These ensuite rooms can be shared by 4 to 6 residents. A shared kitchen is also available in every ensuite.

Superior Quality Luxury Studios

The studios are one of the most popular types of accommodations for students in the UK in the present scenario. In Stanhope House also, you find some excellent quality student studios. Like ensuite rooms, the studios are also available in different varieties. In fact, some more varieties of studios are available here as compared to those of ensuite rooms.

The types of studios available in this property include:

  • Standard Studio
  • Classic Studio
  • Deluxe Studio
  • Premium Studio
  • Superior Studio
  • Superior Plus Studio

In some of the studios, you can find the dual occupancy feature. The studios have fully equipped kitchens, in which you find a microwave, a cooking hob, and a fridge. All the facilities that are available in the ensuite rooms can also be found in the studios.

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Various Features of Socialization of the Students

Most of the students want socialization by meeting new people. There is no obstacle in this property for them and the students can meet each other easily here in different areas. There is also a game room, karaoke room, etc. Besides, as already stated, there are rooms and studios where the multiple students can stay in a single unit. Therefore, the residents get a chance to stay in the company of other students.

Other than all this, various social events are also organized on this property in which the residents get a golden opportunity to meet different people.

Some Excellent Study Arrangements

First of all, the students find a set of study tables and chairs in their rooms or studios, as stated above also. In addition, there is an arrangement of a special study room where the students can accomplish their studies without any disturbance. More than all this, there is also an arrangement of the library on this property.

Great Entertainment Features Available inside Property

In all the rooms and studios of the property, the students find the televisions. Moreover, there is also a cinema available where the residents can watch movies in their spare time.

Interestingly, this property also offers a karaoke room, where the residents can show their singing talents.

The social events organized here are also great sources of entertainment apart from socialization.

Facilities to Play Games

Some Most Liked Features of Stanhope House

The fun of the students does not stop with the above-mentioned features. There is also a games room available on this property. Here, the residents find the arrangement for playing different games.

Foosball (table football) and Wimbledon can be played here with loads of fun.

Full Support and Security

The students find the complete support and security features. They can call the support staff in case of any query or problem. For security, there are CCTV cameras and secure door entry. The contents insurance is also available to cover any type of loss.

Final Thoughts

Stanhope House is the place for accommodation in Portsmouth, where the students can spend the best time of their life. The accommodation can be booked easily here via the online options.

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