Some Significant Things You Will Enjoy While Living in Student Accommodation Galway

There is no doubt that living in the student accommodation Galway is an amazing experience in itself. Galway is an amazing city where there is a lot for the students to explore. It is a dream destination of a number of tourists. When you are living here for three or four years during your years of study then you find a mammoth time to explore everything here.

When you live in the student accommodation Galway, you start exploring the things at the place of the accommodation itself. The accommodations available in Galway provide world-class features, which not only allow you to get a comfortable living but also enable you to enjoy the hotel-like luxuries.

Below, you will read some significant aspects that you may enjoy while living in student accommodation Galway. The article has been divided into two parts. In the first part, you will read about some significant aspects of the places of student accommodations available in Galway. In the second part, you will get concise information about Galway city.

Inside the Student Accommodations in Galway

Types of Accommodation in Galway and the Amenities Inside

There are different types of accommodations available in various properties in Galway, which include studios, apartments, and ensuite rooms. All these units comprise the amenities, which the students need in a place of stay. Some of the amenities that you can find inside your studios, apartments, and ensuite rooms are:

Study Table and Chair: A study table and chair are needed by every student to comfortably prepare for exams. In every unit, the students find a study table and chair where they can prepare for the exams comfortably as well as can do normal studies.

Fully Equipped Kitchens: The fully equipped kitchens are available inside all the units, in which the students get microwaves, ovens, cooking hobs, fridges, cutleries, etc.

Wardrobe:  The rooms, apartments, and studios have wardrobes, where they can put their clothes safe and organized.

Storage Space: Apart from the wardrobes, there are several other storage spaces available in the rooms, where the students can keep their useful assets. They get the under-bed storage, where various things of requirements can be kept. On the other hand, bookshelves and drawers are also available in many accommodations.

Television: Television inside the rooms is another necessary asset for everyone. The television inside each room, studio, or apartment allows the students to watch TV programs, discovery programs, the latest news, and more.

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Fitness and Games

In the student accommodation in Galway, there are gyms available where the students can do workouts for staying fit and building their bodies.

Besides, a lot of arrangement for fun is also available. The games rooms are in the properties where there are the facilities for playing table tennis, pool, foosball, etc.

Wi-Fi Internet

Internet is necessary for students today without any second thought due to various usages. They can complete their tasks related to their courses, communicate with others, do online shopping, attend online lectures, explore social media, and can accomplish a lot more tasks.

Therefore, a Wi-Fi internet connection is available in each property. This connection is usually paid.


A number of student accommodations also provide cinema inside the property for the entertainment of the students. If there is no cinema in the property, which you have chosen to stay in, then you will definitely find it near the property.

In Galway City

You have a lot to explore in Galway city during your years of study. Some of the things that you can explore are:

Galway Market

In Galway Market, you can get some local flavor and some bohemian vibe. Here, you can enjoy foods and witness some great crafts. This is the favorite of both tourists and residents and you will also like it when you will be in the city as a student.

St. Nicholas’ Church

This 14th-century church comprises excellent architecture, tombs, memorials, and a lot more. It is a perfect destination for history, culture, and religion lovers.

Galway Cathedral

This is again a wonderful religious shrine built in the late 1950s. Here, you find a blend of Romanesque and Gothic architecture. It is one of the most famous attractions in Galway.

Cruise on the Corrib Princess

You can cruise along River Corrib, which is supposed to be one of the best activities to do in Galway. You can get a relaxing time in the lap of nature while cruising.

Galway City Museum

In Galway City Museum, you can witness both permanent and touring exhibitions. These exhibitions cover the heritage, history, and archeological treasures of Galway.

To Sum Up

So, it is for sure that you can enjoy your life to the fullest while living in the student accommodations in Galway. Apart from the above-mentioned things, there is a lot to explore in Galway.

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