Start your Amazon Paid Ads with Amazon PPC Management Guide 2022

 The ultimate goal of any eCommerce venture is to generate more profits by increasing its total revenue. A common way for online retailers is using paid advertisements on that particular eCommerce page. Amazon advertising services are the best example of such an approach.

Amazon PPC services, an exclusive from Amazon is one of the topmost services from Amazon. However, it is not easy to get your Amazon PPC campaign management properly done without any professional experience and expertise.

So, if you are planning to start an Amazon PPC campaign for your Amazon store then get ready for useful tips by experts.

Types of Amazon PPC ads 

There are three types of paid ads you can run on Amazon. They are Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Brands Ads, and Sponsored Display Ads.

They all have a specific goal and work together to increase your sales. What a lot of people don’t know is that keywords play a big role in being visible on search engine results. Keywords are the basis of paid ads on Amazon. Only using sponsored search you cannot control the keywords in any way, but with display ads, you have more options to be found by your customers.

1.    Sponsored Products Ads

Sponsored products ads are the most common type of Amazon paid ads. They appear as a product image with a title, price, and buy now button on Amazon search results. This ad type is focused on getting more direct traffic to your product page and increasing conversions by making your product visible. You can use specific keywords or keyword groups to be found by customers. It’s also possible to target customers who have viewed similar products in the past.

2.    Sponsored Brands Ads

Sponsored brands ads are targeted towards getting more brand awareness and building customer trust when it comes to purchasing your products. There is no direct link to the purchase page, but instead of that, you will get organic traffic running to your Amazon store. This is a great way to get more customers to your product brand page, where they can find other products you are selling, product reviews, or wish lists. This ad unit is especially helpful for Amazon beginners who want to build their Amazon sales empire.

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3.    Sponsored Display Ads

Sponsored display ads send shoppers to the product page. They are great when you want to get more traffic on your product page, but don’t have much money to spend for that or don’t know much about paid ads management. These ads show product images with a price and buy now button. Depending on the ad, it will either link directly to your product page or to a landing page where users can find more information about your product.

The Amazon PPC Campaign Management Guide

An Amazon Pay Per Click campaign requires a lot of strategy and planning to get the most out of it. There are many options you can set up, but you need to know what you want from your campaign. With the right Amazon PPC agency, you will be able to manage your campaigns properly, but if you do it on your own, just follow the tips below.

●     Set up a budget for each campaign

Make sure you know what money you are planning to spend before launching any campaign. Setting this number beforehand can help you avoid overspending on advertising and wasting your money. You can also use a bidding simulator to help you set up your campaigns. These tools are very useful as they will give you insights on how exactly you have to adjust your maximum bid in order to get the most out of it. If you set up a campaign and don’t know how to adjust your bids you will pay more than necessary.

●     Learn how Amazon advertising services work

There are many ways to find qualified sellers who can help you with running Amazon PPC campaigns. You just need to do your research, learn how it works, and be open to new opportunities. The best way is to partner up with an experienced Amazon PPC agency that will handle everything for you.

Amazon PPC management service includes a lot of different segments which you can use to target your ads.

Customer segmentation is a tricky thing because it has many options and if not done right, it will lead to failure. If you want to improve customer segmentation then test different things until you find the best one that works for your campaign.

To find what segments are working best, you can use an Amazon A/B testing tool which will give you the data for any sort of changes.

Amazon PPC campaigns work great when you manage them efficiently. Organize your campaigns into different ad groups that have specific keywords. Then you just need to launch new campaigns with other keywords or keyword groups to expand your reach.

●     Have a detailed plan of what you want to achieve with each campaign

It’s important to know how many products you want to sell and where is the best place for that. There is always something new on Amazon like new trending keywords, product groups, or even categories that can help you improve your sales. Research the available options and choose what is best for your needs.

It’s not just about new products on Amazon, but also existing ones that you want to get more sales from. You can expand your reach by using keyword groups or different ad groups that will target specific customer segments. This will help increase conversions and improve your Amazon PPC campaigns.

●     Build your brand by marketing your products

There are many ways you can expand the reach of your product and get more sales, but make sure it’s not at the expense of your brand. Amazon PPC ads should be used wisely and avoid using too many keywords to avoid getting your ad blocked. The goal is to increase conversion and improve customer trust and satisfaction, so it’s best to focus on that. If you don’t spend your money wisely and get the most out of every dollar you will lose a lot of revenue over time.

Brand loyalty is also important because it shows customers that you are offering quality products. Your ads should be constantly evolving in order to match your brand’s latest style and improve the customer experience.


Amazon PPC management is not as difficult as it may seem. It’s about doing your research, spending wisely, and getting the most out of every dollar you spend on Amazon advertising.

Choose the right Amazon PPC agency and you are good to go.


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