Study Inn Brotherton House: A Luxurious Student Accommodation Leeds

Study Inn Brotherton House is a luxurious student accommodation Leeds, which allows the students to live a comfortable life during their years of study. Study, fitness, fun, and every other thing that is significant in the life of a student can be found at this place.

Day by day, the demand for accommodations in Study Inn Brotherton House is increasing among the students who have got the admission to a university in Leeds.

Below, you can read what you will get after shifting to this student accommodation Leeds.

Luxury Studios

Studio accommodations are one of the most popular types of accommodations in the United Kingdom in the present scenario. In Leeds also, you can find the places of accommodation with studios. There are different types of studios available in various places of accommodation.

Study Inn Brotherton House also offers studio accommodations for the students. Here, you can find two types of studios, which are Diamond Plus Studio and Diamond Plus Studio with Dual Occupancy.

Both the studios are available with the size of 21 sqm. Both of them provide full luxuries to the students and they have similar features. The only difference is that the second one provides the facility of dual occupancy, whereas the first one is for a single occupant.

The studios contain a lot of storage space. A wardrobe is available here to keep your clothing systematic. There are also separate bookshelves available. Moreover, a chest of drawers is also available to keep some other basic goods.

In the kitchens, one can find a cooking hob, an oven, a kettle, and a fridge. On the other hand, you also find the bathroom, shower, washbasin, and mirror.

Television can also be found to watch TV shows and news. Wi-Fi internet connection with super fast speed is also available inside studios through which you can stay connected to the internet on your laptops and smartphones.

A study chair and study table are also provided to the students for a comfortable study. You get a hotel-like service in the studios.

Luxury Apartments

The other types of accommodations available in Study Inn Brotherton House are apartments. There is a huge variety of apartments available at this place. Gold Ensuite Serviced Apartment, Gold Plus Ensuite Serviced Apartment, Platinum Ensuite Serviced Apartment, Platinum Plus Ensuite Serviced Apartment, Diamond Ensuite Serviced Apartment, and Sapphire Ensuite Serviced Apartment are the types of apartments available at this property.

Students get a study desk and chair in these apartments. There is a lot of storage space available, in which we can include a wardrobe, books shelves, and a chest of drawers. Wi-Fi internet connection is available in the apartments also. The other amenities available in apartments are mirrors and ensuite washrooms.

Besides, most of the amenities found in the studios are available in apartments also.

Fitness Facilities inside Study Inn Brotherton House

In Study Inn Brotherton House, complete care is given to the fitness of the students. Here are the facilities, which are provided to the student to stay fit.

1. Gym

A fully-equipped modern gym is available at the property, where both boys and girls can exercise on the modern equipment. The gym has everything that one can find in a high-tech fitness club.

2. Yoga Room

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of individuals. The accommodation authorities understand it very well and provide a Yoga Room to the students.

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Entertainment and Gaming

Having some entertainment and fun is also necessary for the mental health of a person. So, the following facilities of entertainment and gaming have been provided to the students.

1. Cinema

The students can enjoy their favorite movies in the cinema available on this property.

2. Games Room

There is also a games room here, in which the students can play games with other residents. There is a pool table available for the pool lovers. Moreover, you can also enjoy playing table tennis here.

Heating Service inside Studios and Apartments

The UK is counted among the cold countries, so the heating arrangement is necessary inside the rooms or houses here. Keeping this in mind, heating service is also available inside the studios and apartments of this property. This service is inclusive of bills.


Safety is an utmost requirement for everyone without any second thought. Therefore, there is a full arrangement of security here.

The students get a secure door entry to keep their belongings safe. Moreover, a 24/7 security team is available here to provide full safety from any type of unwanted activities.

To Sum Up

Study Inn Brotherton House is definitely one of the best places in Leeds for the students to stay. Apart from the luxuries available in this place of accommodation, it is an easy distance from the universities in Leeds. Leeds Beckett University is at less than 10 minutes of walking distance from this property.

Hopefully, the students will have enjoyable times during their stay in Study Inn Brotherton House.

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