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Teacher as a Career Counsellor

Nowadays no one can neglect the role of a teacher as a career counselor or career booster. 60-80% of students depend on teachers for their best career choices. Teachers can guide them that what educational field profession will be the best for them. Teachers can be the best career Counsellor, no specific qualification is required for this purpose. A good career Counsellor can have the following qualities.

Teacher as a Career Counsellor

1. Academic Background

You should have a degree from any well-known institution in any subject.

2. Experience

You should have vast experience in teaching and training, psychological counseling, human resource management.

3. Certification

You should have knowledge of career counseling methodology and procedures.

4. Practice

You should have exposure to the carer counseling process and solutions. Three major steps are essential to becoming a good career Counsellor.

  • Are you suitable for becoming a career Councillor: Anybody can become a career Councillor but only a few become successful. First of all, you have to think that are you suitable for this profession?
  • Have a certificate course: To become a successful career Councillor, you should have a) Practical knowledge b) Marketing strategies c) Delivering abilities All the above-mentioned qualities will make you a good Councillor.
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