The Aspen – The Student Accommodation Leicester with All Modern Facilities

“The Aspen” is a great place to consider if you are looking for student accommodation in Leicester. The University of Leicester is just 0.6 miles away from the property and you can find De Montfort University 1.4 miles from here.

Besides, The Aspen offers brilliant accommodations along with the facilities liked by the international students. Let’s have a look at some prominent aspects of this student accommodation in Leicester, which definitely will make your years of study memorable for your lifetime.

World-Class Apartments

The availability of world-class apartments is a major feature of this place of accommodation. There are four types of apartments available here, which include:

  • 3-bed standard
  • 4 bedroom standard ensuite
  • 4 bedroom premium ensuite
  • 5-bed standard

In all the apartments, the individuals get luxury beds with under-bed storage space. There are also wardrobes and shelves to keep the clothing, books, and more assets.

Fantastic Studios

Other than apartments, the studios are also available at The Aspen. The studios also comprise four types, which are

  • Standard Studio
  • Premium Studio
  • Luxe Studio
  • Exec Studio

The studios also have double beds and a lot of storage space. A dual occupancy feature is available at the standard studio.

Study Space inside the Accommodation

All the rooms at the accommodations are available with a cozy study area. Every student gets a study table and chair in their apartments or studios, where they can study or can use their laptops.

Entertainment, Gaming, and All Types of Fun

Entertainment and fun are necessary to heal yourself from tiredness and boredom. At The Aspen, there is a full arrangement for the fun of the students. TV is available in every room, so the students can get entertained by watching their favorite TV shows.

Besides, there is also a games room available, where you can have gaming fun with your friends. Communal events also take place from time to time at this place, which is also a great source of fun without any second thought.

Internet Facility

Internet is a necessary thing in the present scenario in all walks of life. Whether you have to do shopping, you want to acquire some information, or you are willing to stay in touch with your loved ones, everything is done via the internet.

It has become a necessity for the students in the present scenario. There is a huge trend of online classes today, which is one of the reasons behind this. On the other hand, many assignments and projects are accomplished with the help of the internet. A lot of course material is also downloaded via the internet.

To provide internet facilities to students, Aspen offers Wi-Fi service. This service is chargeable and is inclusive of your bills.

The gym inside the Place of Accommodation

There is also a gym inside the property of The Aspen. It is a known fact that staying fit is a requirement as well as the passion of the students. So, if you want to do a workout, you don’t need to search for a fitness club outside the property. At this place of accommodation, you can find a fully equipped gym.

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Fully Equipped Kitchens

Whether we talk about today’s scenario, or about a period of a half-century or a century ago, the kitchen has been definitely a necessary aspect of accommodation. But, there is a huge advancement in technologies over the long time span. Today, we have a microwave and fridge for cooking meals, keeping the eatables in cold storage, etc.

The kitchens in The Aspen are fully equipped and provide everything to the students that are required in the present scenario. In the kitchens here, you find a cooking hob, a microwave, and a fridge/freezer. In addition, a dishwasher can also be found in a kitchen to facilitate you to wash the dishes with ease.

Security Arrangements

The security arrangement is necessary in every place you live and the student accommodations are also not devoid of it. There is a full security arrangement at The

Aspen also. Here, the following things are available for the security of students and their


  • CCTV cameras are installed on the property, so all suspicious activities can be monitored.
  • There is also a secure door entry for the safety of the students’ belongings.
  • Content insurance service is also available. So, the students can get compensation for any type of loss of their belongings.

Some Other Facilities

The heating facility is also provided to the students to keep their rooms warm in the winter season. It is a paid facility, which is inclusive of the bills.

You also get a bicycle storage space to keep your own bicycle without any worries


The Aspen is the right place of accommodation for the students with all the facilities as per the needs of today. There are several more facilities apart from the above-mentioned ones that make The Aspen a perfect place for accommodation for the students.

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