The Best Lifestyle Resorts in the US

The resort industry is evolving, growing, and attracting new buyers all around the world. There is, however, a wide range of preferences when it comes to hotel-like amenities that these properties offer, which can make these exclusive developments diverse across regions. If you are looking for the finest John Dutton Quilted Jacket, check out this site.

Buyers in the U.S., for example, are increasingly interested in amenities with an activity component, such as farming and winemaking. When will your interest peak? Take advantage of our list of the best lifestyle resorts in the United States to plan the perfect getaway.

The Best Lifestyle Resorts in the US

Miraval Austin, Texas

Whether you want to relax and rejuvenate or boost your overall health, Miraval Austin offers it all. Located in the scenic Balcones Canyonlands Preserve, this luxurious resort offers stunning views of Lake Travis and is situated in a picturesque setting.

It is important to unplug from your devices at Miraval Arizona, as it is at other incredibly relaxing retreats. This encourages relaxing and staying mindful while you’re here. You will participate in activities that will strengthen your body and mind, such as Pilates, yoga, hiking, water sports, and culinary classes.

You can use your nightly resort credits towards spa services or private activities. As well as all meals (made with locally sourced healthy ingredients), smoothies, and snacks are included in the package. Your fee includes gratuity, so tips are not necessary. There is also a complimentary airport shuttle provided.

The Best Lifestyle Resorts in the US

Canyon Ranch Lenox, Massachusetts

There’s nothing like driving through the rolling hills surrounding this Berkshires hideaway to calm your worries. The moment you arrive at Canyon Ranch (in Lenox, Massachusetts), your shoulders will feel lighter. The resort is tucked away in the Bellefontaine mansion, a 19th-century masterpiece that has been turned into a lavish must-stay getaway.

Canyon Ranch offers visitors stunning pastoral views as well as a spa, wellness programs, and yoga classes. If you would like to rejuvenate your lifestyle, look no further. Nutrition and health experts assist you in becoming a healthier version of yourself on-site.

A daily plan is available for those who are looking for a bit more structure (choose one of six “pathways” to take) or for those who prefer to be flexible, the “just be here” package is an option. As part of your stay, you’ll enjoy healthy meals and snacks, over 35 activities, access to the spa and fitness center, and airport transfers. 

The Best Lifestyle Resorts in the US

Little Palm Island Resort & Spa, Florida

Are you looking for peace and quiet? If you’re looking for relaxation in the midst of the Florida sunshine, Little Palm Island Resort & Spa has it. On one of the best lifestyle resorts in Florida, this stunning resort is located on a secluded barrier island.

Getting to the island is only possible by seaplane or boat, which means you’ll rub shoulders with the rich and famous (think A-list stars and presidents) while you curl your toes in the soft sand. A total of 30 thatched bungalows ooze French Polynesian charm and will be your home for the night. Just close your eyes and imagine that you’re in the South Pacific.

Children are not welcome at this hotel (no one under 18 is allowed), and you will be asked to stay away from technology during your stay so that you can take full advantage of nature’s incredible beauty. You won’t even notice that you have unplugged when you have so many activities to participate in (your fee includes access to water sports) and a spa to relax in. That’s a real recharge!

The Best Lifestyle Resorts in the US

Canyon Ranch Tucson, Arizona

This gorgeous Tucson resort has been called a “destination resort” because it strives to change your life. Canyon Ranch vacations include a team of specialists (for example, doctors, nutritionists, physiologists, and behavioral therapists) whose aim is to help you reach your maximum physical, mental and spiritual potential.

You will find the Life Enhancement Center to be a great place to set (and achieve) your personal goals. Relaxing is also an option if that is what you wish to do. You can exercise and cook at the fitness center, get spa treatments, and learn about spiritual wellness at the spa.

At the Arizona location, you can also choose Pathway program packages for three-, five-, or seven-night stays, as well as a Just-Be-Here option. You can choose from a variety of meal and snack packages, as well as 35 activities and an allowance to use for spa treatments and therapy appointments.

The Best Lifestyle Resorts in the US

Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, Michigan

A grand front porch (660 feet in length) radiates old-fashioned charm from the Grand Hotel. One of the most luxurious things to do on Mackinac Island is to sit here and enjoy a fabulous view over the Straits of Mackinac (a highly regarded resort island in Michigan).

Built in the 19th century, the building is a breathtaking tribute to the town’s rich past. A beautiful hotel built in 1886, it has 397 elegant rooms adorned with wallpaper and filled with modern amenities. The rooms all have a gorgeous view of an island or lake, and some come with outdoor tubs.

You’ll love the friendly atmosphere on the island that’s perfect for kids. You can ride a horse and buggy or a bicycle if you want to get around without a car. You can also play lawn games, tennis, and sauna at the resort; dine in one of the restaurants on-site, and enjoy the pool.

There are a variety of monthly packages that cover everything from breakfast only to buffet lunch. In addition, afternoon tea and a round of golf may be included.

The Best Lifestyle Resorts in the US

Skytop Lodge, Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

Skytop Lodge, one of the top-rated resorts in the Poconos, is an absolute must-see. You will not be disappointed with the views at this resort. There are majestic mountains, glittering lakes, verdant lawns, and an 18-hole golf course located on the resort’s 5,500 acres.

Accommodations include luxury rooms in the main lodge, inn, and standalone cottages scattered throughout the property. The resort offers many activities, including ax throwing, ziplining, rock-climbing, paintball, a treetop adventure course, swimming, fishing, boating, hiking, as well as skating, and ice fishing in winter.

Enjoy a spa treatment (not included in your all-inclusive rate) or walk around the grounds to help relax your shoulders. Then you can indulge in a fantastic meal (included) at one of the four on-site restaurants, or visit the family-friendly Market (for ice-cream) or Corner Roast (for coffee and fresh pastries).

The Best Lifestyle Resorts in the US


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