The Best Tools to Edit Educational Videos

Video has changed the way we learn. With platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo, we can incorporate any knowledge. From how to change a tire to how to cook a sourdough loaf, educational videos have become a constant source of information. By using educational videos in our online classes, we improve information processing and concept recall. Educational videos can also be a great way to promote your academy.

One of the key instances to achieve a quality video that causes a positive impact is editing. If you’re not an audiovisual editor, managing to use music, superimpose text, and combine shots professionally can seem complex. Fortunately, however, there are a lot of very intuitive and easy-to-use video editing tools out there today. In this article, we list our favorites for editing educational videos.

1- InShot

The first entry on our list of educational video editing apps is InShot. This tool is extremely popular for editing videos for social media. One of the reasons is that it allows you to change the work canvas based on the format of the social network you choose. Also, it provides you with entertaining functions such as slow-motion, acceleration, stickers, and reverse, among others. It has a free version that is available for both Android and iOS.

2- Splice

The second entry on our list of educational video editing apps is Splice. This tool is very popular among influencers as it produces high-quality videos without the need for complex editing software. Splice is highly intuitive, although it also offers professional functionalities if you want to explore them. One of our favorites is Speed Ramp, as it allows you to modify the rhythm of a sequence at different points in the video to accentuate or attenuate the action. It is also free and available for both Android and iOS.

3- FlexClip

The third entry on our list of educational video editing tools is FlexClip. This application has the particularity of being browser-based, which means that it works directly in the browser of our choice. The interface is very simple to use, with a drag-and-drop mode similar to other applications such as Canva. One of the great benefits of FlexClip is that it has thousands of templates to use in our videos. Alternatively, you can start with a blank template and add elements to the video as you see fit. FlexClip has a free plan and also inexpensive options for small businesses.

4- FilmoraGo

As our last educational video editing tool on the list, we present FilmoraGo. One of its greatest strengths is that its free version does not include a watermark or duration limitation. The application is very intuitive, and it has multiple filters, more than 1000 royalty-free songs, and fun video effects. It also has a desktop counterpart called Filmora Wondershare that offers more complexity of tools. FilmoraGo is free and available for Android devices.

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Did you know about these applications? Which is your favorite? Hopefully, this summary of my favorite tools for creating educational videos will assist you in wading through the confusion and overwhelm.

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