Top 15 Best Stories Alternatives In 2022

The IG Stories websites allows you to save Instagram stories directly from your web browser. In addition to having a clean design, it allows Instagram users to read Instagram stories in an anonymous manner. So, today in this following article we will be discussing some 15 best alternatives that could be used as IG Storie’s substitute. Anyhow IG Stories is a great application but if in any case, you are unable to use IG Stories, utilize the following apps.

15 best Alternatives to IG Stories have been compiled. Take a peek at the list below.

IG Stories is an online leading tool in the market that allows you to download Instagram Stories Anonymously. It is a website that is 100% free to use and easy to access. IG Stories led you to download Stories without any of many efforts. You just need to enter the username in the Search box and then you will be redirected to the Next Page where all the stories of a user can be shown.

  • Free Instagram Downloader

Free Instagram Downloader, It has a search bar, you may download, make things your favorite, have setting, and utilize help buttons. It has an output folder where you can find all the backup data.

  • InstaDP

InstaDP, a web medium, allows users to search, see, and save Instagram photos. With this free software, you may watch and download complete-size profile photos from public Insta profiles. The following website of Instadp is available in English, French, and Spanish. To download photographs, users must first take the Instagram post’s URL, copy it into the search field, and hit search.

  • Insta Save for Instagram

It allows users to save content from public accounts users so they can view it at any time, online or offline. It has a simple layout and a search box for discovering specific material.

  • Save-a-gram

You can save pictures from Instagram application to your PC with Gram, and it also adds characteristics that make Instagram better. The app includes a search bar to help users find their preferred accounts. It also contains an info click at the bottom for users to learn more about what they’ve searched for.

  • GramVideos

You can use GramVideos.com to download Instagram posts straight to your phone. You may download numerous photos at once using its simple interface. It is a good Storiesig alternative.

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  • RollSaver

RollSaver preserves Instagram photos and offers the most demanded features. You can sort the content using a grid view and a slide show of saved photographs.

  • ViewDP

ViewDP is a service that allows you to have your Insta profile photograph in full size. It has an easy UI with a search field and a search button. To see the profile picture on ViewDP, copy the Insta URL and put it into the searching bar.

  • Downloadagram

It lets people save and view Insta photos in high definition. It is a consumer-friendly website. It contains a search bar for Insta posts and saves options for the content you wish to keep.

  • InstaBro

For hashtags, identities, and locations, InstaBro is a fast Instagram explorer and browser. It can export all information to CSV format and access public profiles without requiring a sign-in.

  • Save From Web

The website has a search bar and a downloading button. It uses Instagram URLs to get high-quality videos.

  • Downloader Instadp

Instadp Downloader is an online utility for viewing and saving Instagram profile images. Profile photos in high resolution can be saved and viewed. No private files can be downloaded.

  • Flume

Manage multiple Instagram accounts from one computer with Flume. It tracks followers and posts and helps with post-marketing (for business profiles). The software allows users to securely connect with friends and clients via instant messengers to share locations, photos, and posts.

  • Grids

On your PC, you may access Instagram safely using Grids. From your pc, you can upload photos and movies. Users can easily switch between many Instagram profiles.

  • com 

Videos and photos from Instagram can be searched for using hashtags on VideoTagz.com. Users can save photos and articles in high resolution by putting in their user names, hashtags, or places. VideoTagz.com offers a simple and secure way to download photos and videos.

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