Top 5 things to consider while renting a sound stage in New York

So you need to rent a media studio to complete your filming? Well, sound stages are just an ideal space to complete the shooting process without much hassle. It is basically a large building where all your crew members can fit easily. Also, this place is loaded with suitable lighting and other updated equipment that ease filming a piece. You don’t need to run to different locations every other day, as the screens available in these soundstages enable easy editing. So, you may be able to wrap up your shoot much earlier than estimated. No wonder why sound stages in New York City have caught the attention of filmmakers, and now everyone wants to book one. We are here to assist you in selecting the best one. Have a look at these top 5 things you should consider before you call a sound stage in New york.

Top Things to Look for in Sound Stages


If you are new to the filming process, you must know that the process requires a suitable environment with less to no background noise. The noise can spoil the whole scene. Well, shooting in the open is a bit difficult because you cannot control the natural sounds in open locations. That is one big reason why sound stages have become popular. You might be renting it for the same purpose, but be careful; not all sound stages are created equally. You may fall for the fancy hardwood floors and the bare look brick walls, but these can be a real pain for you when you aim to capture working audio. If you want to sound, you need to be sure to check this place if it has appropriate soundproofing.

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Multi Shots possibility

Just because you’ve rented a soundstage doesn’t imply you’ll need the whole thing for individual shots. In that circumstance, multitasking is possible. You can handle your core shot while utilizing these other places for additional reasons, such as talking head close-ups or promotional photos, by coordinating your crew and sectioning off space. If the soundstage has a large green screen, this is really useful for virtual studio production. Since you are booking the whole place, make sure you make the most of it.

Additional services

The next thing to consider involves what further assistance or services the studio provides? You may require lighting, camera equipment, or perhaps a full team to conduct the shoot, depending on your situation or the specifics of the project. Booking your crew and equipment directly through the studio can save you a lot of money. You should also inquire about any post-production services. Some studios also offer live streaming of your shoot, which is particularly beneficial for corporate or instructional purposes. So keep these factors in mind as you look for the ideal virtual studio sets. Don’t shy away to ask about the additional services.

Conclusion: hunting the right location for shooting can be a really time-consuming task. You can save time and money by shooting in sound stages. Use this guide to shortlist the best stages in your locality.

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