Canada has seen remarkable developments in the educational field in the last few years. As a result, it has turned into one of the prominent areas of international education. Moreover, life in Canada can provide all-around stability and peace.

So, if you are currently based in the US and seeking a career option in Canada, this article is for you. Please go through it before you plan to shift to Canada. Always carry valid paperwork of your educational degrees to present them in the interview. For now, look at the following list:

Prominent Professional Career Options In Canada

Here, you can go through the best professional career options in Canada. This list also contains facts regarding the average salaries. However, you can always hike depending on your skills, knowledge, and luck. Remember, Canada can give you many job opportunities just like it provides an education level with the highest ROI.

1. Registered Nurse

If you have completed a degree in nursing, consider Canada to be the best place to get a job. The demand for registered nurses is always high as most Canadians live up to very old age.

In such a scenario, most nurses are already near their retirement age. If you get a nursing job, elderly care and babycare will become your primary role.

Certified nurses tend to earn handsome amounts because of their high hourly wages. Generally, a nurse charges around $38- $40 for her hourly services. The territories where you can easily get nursing jobs in Canada are Labrador, Newfoundland, and Saskatchewan.

All nurses need a bachelor’s degree and a Territorial Regulatory Authority Registration. So, if you shift to Canada anytime soon, try completing the registration process at the earliest.

2. Physiotherapy Experts

As you already know, a large chunk of the Canadian population is above the age of 60. They need physiotherapy sessions to stay healthy. So, as a physiotherapist, you can make a lot of money in Canada.

Moreover, you might have to treat younger people who have gone through disease or accident. At times, you would also need to work with registered nurses to treat patients.

In Canada, the hourly wage of physiotherapy experts is around $23 to $25. You can choose this career option even while having a diploma certificate.,

3. Software Designer/ Engineer

The late Canadian industrialization has increased the demand for Software engineers and designers. As a software designer in Canada, you can work in several niches like telecommunication, mobile technology, computer engineering, etc.

Having a bachelor’s degree in any subject and proper technical knowledge in software designing and mechanisms can get you a job as a software designer/engineer.

Often, you can get a job that pays you $43 to $45 hourly for your job. Finally, you can consider places like Manitoba, Alberta, and Ontario in Canada to get an excellent job as a computer engineer.

4. Truck Driver

The demand for truck drivers in Canada is pretty high as no young adults are eager to join this field. At present, most truck drivers in Canada fall between 45 to 60. So, the workforce would drastically diminish in the coming years.

A truck driver in Canada can earn a handsome amount as their approximate hourly wage boosts up to $21 to $25. Moreover, you can consider it a noble job as there is always a chance to help remotely living Canadians with food and clothing.

The truck drivers even can work in all industrial niches, even real estate. You can even take part in real estate investment to increase your profits.

The job of a truck driver does not need degree-based education. All you must have is a certificate for a truck driving training course and a license. Furthermore, pre-acquired endorsements can even boost up the chances for you to get a job. Some provinces where you can start your career as a truck driver and earn well are Alberta, Northwest Territories, and Yukon.

5. Aircraft Pilot

Many people in the US shift to Canada and join the pilot training degree to become an aircraft pilot. The demand for pilots is always high in the country due to multiple small and medium aviation companies.

Moreover, you can even get placed in any giant aviation company and earn a huge yearly package. The current approximate wage for a pilot in Canada is $39 to $45 hourly. Moreover, a pilot gets several added perks and conveniences.

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Final Words

Choosing a career option in Canada can always help you settle peacefully in the country. Due to the abundance of jobs, you can expect a favorable job environment. Moreover., you can secure your future if you get jobs in real estate investments. However, consider it aside profession that can add a few bucks to your bank account. You can even keep your earnings from the investments as a fixed deposit.