Ultimate Pinterest Marketing For Business Growth

Pinterest surpassed Snapchat in 2020 to take third place among US social media platforms.

It is evidently a hugely popular social media tool that emphasizes visual appeal.

In short, it is a social media platform and image-sharing service that aids online users in finding information through images.

Pinterest, with approximately 459 million active users per month, is a beautiful approach to drawing in clients. According to studies, 87 percent of its users have made at least one purchase as a result of using Pinterest, and 97 percent of them intend to do so in the future. There are many benefits to using Pinterest, so stop debating whether you should use your time to do so.

Every platform has a set of dos and don’ts, therefore, in this blog, we are going to discuss how you can use Pinterest to get more conversion, leads, and revenue.

Pinterest Marketing Strategy That You Can Follow

So-called marketing gurus suggest posting on Pinterest and forgetting about it. However, such a shallow strategy is not going to get you anywhere. We have listed a set of strategies that you can use for Pinterest marketing strategies.

Check If Pinterest Works For Your Niche

‘Be present on every social media platform’ is an overstatement. You cannot regulate your business on this statement. Being active on all social media channels won’t increase your conversion rate. Being present where your target clients are would benefit you far more. Pinterest is not the place for you if you have a cafe with only one location. Pinterest won’t work for you even if you want to promote products that primarily target guys because the platform is still dominated by women.

You need to know if Pinterest is useful for your business at all.

Have An Optimized Profile

Once you have evaluated if Pinterest works for your business, the next step is to create an optimized profile on the platform.

You need to start a business account on Pinterest to proceed with Pinterest marketing. A personal account should never be used to promote a website as doing so violates Pinterest’s rules and conditions.

Complete your profile before hopping on the Pinterest marketing bandwagon.

Before you expect your visitors to invest in you, give them a thorough introduction to your company through a detailed profile. For this, you can add relevant keywords to the caption of your posts.

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Making Pin Boards That Are Search Engine Optimized

Each board on a Pinterest account should be made up of pins related to your niche and organized into a board. Every board you create needs to have SEO-friendly titles and descriptions. Your board titles have to be relevant to the content you currently have or intend to add to your website.

Embed Pinterest Boards To Your Website

Embedding Pinterest pins on your website will help you achieve traffic if you have a website and are struggling to dominate algorithms on both the platforms of your website and your Pinterest account.

Utilizing social media aggregator tools will enable you to build a visually appealing widget for your website that allows you to embed Pinterest boards. A visually compelling widget will encourage people to stay on your website longer. This will also assist you in lowering your website’s bounce rate, as visitors will have enough content to go through.

Design Visually Compelling Pins On The Platform

The number of people using mobile internet has significantly expanded recently. As a result, making vertical from visual content is no longer difficult or unconventional.

Now, you can use the same content on Pinterest and any other social media sites.

Pinterest advises using pins with a maximum size of 1000 x 1500 pixels. A video pin is an additional kind of pin. These video pins, however, should last between 5 and 15 seconds.

It is still advised to stick with picture pins because video pins do not get as many clicks.

Encourage Engagement

You might not have a large number of followers when you start. Everyone starts off with a small number of them. Engaging your audience is the key to growing it. The best method is to use direct texting. To increase interaction on Pinterest, connect with those who have liked your posts, acknowledge those who have repinned your photographs, and organize group discussions.

Follow Your Competitors

Look up the Pinterest accounts of your rivals. With a little study, you can find out what they are exactly doing on Pinterest and gain insight from what they are doing.

Therefore, it is more probable that your rivals will follow you back if you do the same. You can reach a larger audience by boosting one another on platforms and cross-promoting.

Wrapping Up

If you belong to lifestyle, clothing, architecture, design, etc, you can do well on Pinterest. The above-mentioned tactics will be absolutely helpful for you in making a strategy for Pinterest.

Pinterest is not a platform of hurry. You have to be patient when working on Pinterest.

The good news is that; Pinterest is flexible. You can embed it on your website, use video marketing, and everything else.

So wait no more and start your brand campaigns on Pinterest.

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