What are Hot Tub Test Strips & Also Learn Ways to Care

Investment in hot tubs is surely worth it, but if the goal is to maintain them properly. Testing is a crucial phase to make the hot tub live longer. Moreover, it’s the responsibility of the owner to keep the water clean as it’s linked to health. The easiest way to carry on the test is through the hot tub test strips. The result of pH and alkalinity level will be shown once the test is done correctly. This is a great help as the owners are aware of how chemicals, refilling, topping up, and all sorts of inadequate care can damage their precious assets.

Ways of Caring Hot Tub

Go for Quality Hot Tub Sanitisers

The most used hot tub sanitizers are chlorine & bromine. Especially the ones who have kept their hot tubs in an outdoor setting, it’s recommended to use granules for long time maintenance. The level of sanitizer usually should be 3-5ppm in case of chlorine and 4-6ppm for bromine. One who thinks that they haven’t used it for a while may not have chlorine or bromine. Then it’s a wrong assumption as it will continue to rise even if the hot tub is not used.

Assure Hot Tub Water Balancing

Anything which is below pH7 refers to acidic, and above 7 means the presence of alkaline. Therefore, pH 7 is considered right, and for spa users, the ideal pH can fall between 7.0 to 7.4 if the bromize sanitizer is used. Unstable pH means that there are high chances of chlorine or bromine, which is also not good for the skin. Hence, it’s vital to preserve the water’s Total Alkalinity (TA) and Total Hardness (TH).

Clean up the Hot Tub Foam

The hot tub must contain the best hot tub filters as they stock the dirt & particles and keep the water clean. However, it doesn’t mean to neglect the care. There are chances when foam appears on the top of the water, which is normally due to remnants of detergents left in your bathing costume. The suggestion is to ensure that your costumes are properly cleaned; moreover, avoid using cosmetics or lotions as it can lead to foam formation. KNOW WHAT TO CONSIDER BEFORE REPLACING YOUR HOT TUB FILTER

Sometimes it’s Better to Drain the Hot Tub

With time, water starts collecting toxic gases, chemicals, and other soluble materials, which uplift the level of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). It’s bad if your hot tub spa is high on TDS as it reduces the efficiency of spa chemicals, thus making the water hard and can lead to skin inflammation. In such cases, it’s better to change the water once every month. However, it can be extended to once in three or four months based on the individual user.

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At Last: Some General Tips

Below are some basic safety tips which you should keep in mind at all times:

  1. Avoid the increase of hot tub temperature when it reaches 40℃. Make it lower than 40℃ when children are using it.
  2. Don’t leave behind non-swimmers or children unattended in a hot tub.
  3. Avoid using electrical appliances near your hot tub.
  4. Always follow the capacity of the hot tub. Adding more people will ruin it in less time.
  5. Stop consuming alcoholic beverages before or while using a hot tub.

Ensure to follow the above guidelines to make the best use of your hot tubs.

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