Very few of the best and fastest. The sports car, jet, Olympic sprinter – it’s usually the best because they are the fastest. But, when it comes to doing work, the best results are almost never the fastest to be achieved.

This is definitely the case when it comes to washing your car. If your car is really dirty, you can’t rush through washing and expect beautiful results. Even worse, taking shortcuts with car exterior cleaners can scratch clear coats, making your car look worse, no better, in the long run.

The good news is that most cars do not require very frequent details. You might be able to do it fast with car wash products without water in five minutes. Or, if your car or truck is just really dirty, you might be able to make it clean in 15 minutes. However, if your car has significant dirt and dirt or if you wash it as part of a complete car detail, you have to set aside time, maybe 30 to 45 minutes, to wash your car and remove tough stains from bugs, tar, and sap trees.

So, how do you do it? See the turtle wax car wash soap, and then, let’s get dive.

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Water wash

If you are a type that settled not to have clean and sparkling clean cars, exterior detailers, or car wash sprays without water, such as clean & shining detailers, maybe just what you need. This cleaning product is made to save your time when cleaning a dirty car. By washing the car without water, no need to hose and bucket if only need to remove fingerprints and clean light dust and pollen.

To wash your car without water, start at the top with the roof and lower your way. Work in section 2 “x 2” and spray each area until wet. Clean the area with a microfiber towel, folded in the quarter, until the surface is clean and dry, and move to the next part 2 “x 2”. Moving from the roof to hood, luggage, glass, and downside, finishing with the bottom rocker panel and around the wheel.

Every time a microfiber is saturated, plug it back to the clean side and continue to wash. You may need as many as four or five clean microfiber fabrics to complete the car wash.

Wash and complete

For fast and routine washing, grab clean buckets, garden hoses, large car wash holes, and premium car wash soap with integrated candles such as our hybrid solution washing & candles. The candle is important because it will save you time to dry the car because rinse water will only run away from the car.

Start by rinsing the entire car with a strong stream of your garden hose. Spray the roof first and do it down, break up and rinse as much land as possible using the first step without this touch. Add car wash soap to bucket and fill with water, producing thick foam. Dunk The Wash Mitt in the soap solution and rub the roof and clean the windshield and rinse. Then, divide the remaining cars into quarters, clean, and rinse every part when you leave.

Dunk The Wash Mitt is often to rinse the ground and take more soap. Wash and rinse the front end, including hoods, grilles, lights, bumpers, and front fenders. Then wash and rinse behind, including luggage, rear lights, bumpers, and rear fenders. Finally, finished with the side window and door, rub the rocker panel below last. Rinse the area and dry the car where it is needed with a microfiber towel.

Pro Tip: Apply the spray layer to your clean car. Sprays such as hybrid solutions, ceramic spray layers will keep your car cleaners and make washing and drying in the future easier.

Ceramic Waxy Hybrid Solutions and Candles

Pro-style washing at home

Every now and then, you might want to bring your car from “nice and clean” to the Sparkle showroom by working extra. In those cases, you must take care of some more important details with a handful of other product details.

Start with tires and wheels. This is the dirtiest job of the car wash, so always wash these spots and use designat

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