What Is The Role Of The Social Media Managers? Must Read!

A social media manager is in charge of an organization’s social media marketing strategies. Their main objective is to increase exposure and client and consumer interaction. In bigger organizations, social media management, also referred to as social coordination, can be a separate function. The function combines with other marketing communications tasks in small and midsize enterprises.

Social media manager plays a crucial role in maintaining the online presence of a company or a brand. Wanna know what exactly are their roles in an organization? Then stay tuned with us and read till the end to know about it in detail.

What Are The Primary Roles Of Social Media Managers?

We have jotted below the top 7 roles of an SM manager. All these are in line with the marketing strategy he/she would follow:

1. Formulating New And Updated Social Media Strategies

Social Media Strategies

This includes creating social media strategy to reflect the results and focusing on the right channels and right activities. Furthermore, you will have to generate a clear budget for the social media activities and work closely with stakeholders. Some more responsibilities under this role are planning social media campaigns and integrating social media in other marketing channels.

2. Implementation Of The Strategies

Creating Unique, Engaging Content For Social Media

After you’ve meticulously designed and implemented your social media strategy, it’s time to assess the outcomes. Increased awareness, leads, sales, and so forth. These are the figures that you use to assess your performance. The key KPIs here are:

  • Coordinating social media campaigns
  • Managing presence in the social networking sites
  • Branching advocacy
  • Managing blogger outreach program

3. Creating Unique, Engaging Content For Social Media

To create unique, engaging pieces of social media content, an SM manager needs to seed the content into the social networks. Write 100 words editorial content pieces and upload more video content.

4. Monitoring The Performance Social Media Channels By Collecting Data

As an SM manager, you must measure the results once you have developed and implemented your social media campaign properly. More, sales, leads, etc. as a result of increased awareness. These are the figures that you use to measure your success.

Below are the KPIs you need to take care of:

  • Create benchmark metrics
  • Analyzing and evaluating results
  • Monitoring social media trends
  • Monitoring social spaces
  • Reporting on the effectiveness of the campaigns

5. Managing And Formulating A Budget For Social Media Activities

Managing And Formulating A Budget For Social Media Activities

Creating and formulating a budget for social media marketing activities is crucial in order to execute the entire SMM campaign plans. A well-formulated budget will help the social media manager to reduce unnecessary expenses. You can refer to the draft budget plan below.

  • Strategy – 10%
  • Project Management – 5%
  • Design, Videography, Graphics, Visuals – 30%
  • Ad Spend – 40%
  • Copywriting – 10%
  • Tracking Results – 5%

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6. Set Specific Targets For Increasing Customer Engagement And Brand Awareness

Social media managers have to set particular targets to increase brand awareness and customer engagement. This includes creating new and better ways to measure social media activity, investigate and assessing the newest methodologies.

Then comes responding to social media posts and establishing dialogues to administer and facilitate social media communities. The final step is to engage with the customers more and more to bring your brand under the limelight.

7. Developing, Launching, And Managing New Competitive Campaigns

Developing, Launching, And Managing New Competitive Campaigns

Planning social media campaigns from the scratch, launching and coordinating them is another crucial responsibility of an SM manager. Since, he is the leader of the SM team, he has to monitor all these tasks and detect the loopholes for a seamless running of the campaign

Added Information: Your beginning compensation as an associate or junior social media manager would likely be between £19,000 and £25,000. This increases as much as it can, based on your experience.

What To Expect From The Social Media Managers?

What To Expect From The Social Media Managers

Social media managers bear a plethora of weighty responsibilities in terms of marketing branding a company. Below we have listed the key expectation areas from a fresher/experienced social media manager.

  • Social media and the larger digital marketing business is a constantly evolving and fast-paced field. So, you’ll likely find the job tough yet rewarding.
  • You’ll spend most of your time at the office. But you may occasionally travel to visit customers or attend key networking conferences and events.
  • Flexible work schedules and some home office work may be available. With expertise, you can work for yourself or as a freelancer.
  • Opportunities are available all over the UK, however, they tend to be concentrated in big cities, especially for work with larger agencies.

The Ending Lines

Fast adaptation to changing environments is a requirement in many businesses, but it is especially critical in the digital/social media era. More than passion, transparency, and adaptability are required for social media managers to thrive. However, without these three key traits, most social media plans are doomed to fail.

I hope the roles of SM managers we highlighted above have given you better clarity about the job role. Do you have any more questions regarding this? If so, then don’t hesitate to drop your queries in the comment area below.

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