What is Women’s Empowerment? – 5 types of women’s empowerment

As the world becomes more educated and modern, we must teach people what women’s empowerment is and why it is so vital in this generation. There is a need to introduce the concept and entire ideology of women’s empowerment to people worldwide.

We have always been told that it is the responsibility and responsibility of the nation to empower its women.

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Giving women the authority to make decisions, the license to be free, the authorization to speak their minds and demonstrate their opinions, and the commission to become successful, confident, powerful, fearless, and boss are all examples of how to empower women.

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Women and Girl Empowerment

The grant and permission of power to carry out various duties and responsibilities is referred to as empowerment.

According to a study, Mahatma Gandhi, an Indian lawyer, politician, and anti-colonial nationalist stated, “The prestige of women will not change in our country simply by putting some legislations; it requires the proper support to change the situations and social norms about women, as well as the sexist and partial behavior of men towards women.”

“Women empowerment” became well-known and popular in the 1980s. It referred to making women strong individuals alongside men and strengthening women who have faced gender discrimination in this society.

In this article, I will explain what women empowerment is, what women empowerment principles are, and what types of women empowerment exist.

What are women’s empowerment principles?

Endorsing the Principle of Women’s Empowerment, a UN document states seven principles:

The first principle is to establish high-level cooperative leadership for gender equality.

Second Principle: Treating everyone in the workplace fairly, admiring, appreciating, and supporting human rights and nondiscrimination.

Third Principle: Ensure the well-being, wellness, and safety of both male and female employees in the workplace.

The fourth principle is to encourage women’s training, education, and career development.

Fifth Principle: Women will be empowered by implementing the supply chain, commercialization practices, and business development.

Sixth Principle: Promoting equality and defending rights through community initiatives.

The seventh principle is to measure and report on progress toward gender equality.

Types of women empowerments

If you want to understand what women’s empowerment is, you should be aware of the five types of women’s empowerment.

Dr. Keshab Chandra Mandal, an Indian columnist, researcher, and motivational speaker, divides women’s empowerment into five categories. These are the social, economic, educational, psychological, and political dimensions.

1. Social Women empowerment

It is one of the most visible forms of women’s empowerment in the media. It entails empowering women in their social relationships and social positions. A woman’s role in modern society is extremely versatile, and we see women in every field. Giving females social empowerment entails showing and teaching them how to fight back against discrimination, racial prejudice, religious clashes, and other issues.

According to a survey and study, women in Nigeria are being taught about their land rights because they are still unaware of inheritance and what is rightfully theirs. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, women are taught safety measures to protect them from gender-based violence.

There are many more countries where women’s social empowerment is accepted. They are educating their people about women’s empowerment and teaching women about their rights in order to improve their lives, health, and well-being in the future.

2. Economic Women empowerment

One type that explains what is women empowerment is economic education for women, which is often overlooked due to gender discrimination.

According to research estimates, providing proper economic education to women increases a country’s economic growth by 50%, as seen in the last five decades, particularly in OECD countries.

Economic women’s encouragement is essential in accepting women’s rights. Women’s skills must be enhanced by providing them with appropriate education, upskilling, and redefining their capabilities.

Any country’s business and growth require the involvement of women, as the increasing employment of women in various workplaces benefits companies and increases their output.

3. Educational Women empowerment

We can empower women by educating them, as this is one of the fundamental human rights. Education has a huge impact on a woman’s life and helps her learn what she deserves to know.

According to global statistics, approximately two-thirds of the world’s 796 million illiterate people are women. Furthermore, 39% of rural girls attend school less than 45% of rural boys, while 60% and 59% of urban boys and girls attend school, respectively.

Women who are educated make better health choices, and they make their own decisions. Education will enable women to overcome poverty and a lack of resources.

If you want to teach the female around you what is women empowerment, then you need to educate them for a dignified life.  

4. Psychological Women empowerment  

It is critical to provide women with psychological empowerment. When we empower women’s brains and improve their mental health, they find peace. They gain independence, boost their self-esteem, and gain power.

Women should participate in programs, events, and therapies to improve their psychological well-being and mental health. When a woman is psychologically strong, she can overcome any obstacles that stand in the way of success and growth. When a woman is mentally empowered, she understands what it means to be a woman. Psychological empowerment enables women to overcome traditional and social barriers that prevent them from progressing and becoming fearless.

5. Political Women empowerment

Women have suffered greatly over the years as a result of men’s dominance. Women were treated as almost nonexistent in previous centuries. As if men have all rights, including the fundamental right to vote. It is a fantastic idea to teach women about women’s empowerment and to assist them in their growth. Having a strong political voice can have a significant impact by allowing a group’s viewpoint to be pushed in the light of mainstream media.


If you want to understand what a woman’s role in modern society is and what women’s empowerment entails, you must first understand what it means to provide women with necessities and teach them skills that they deserve to learn.

Women’s empowerment entails giving women equal rights in the workplace, politics, and medicine, as well as providing them with the same number of opportunities as men. I wish all women strength and a joyous Women’s Day.







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